Caterpillar® Engine Monitoring

Monico has long been a market leader for the monitoring and control of Caterpillar® equipment due to our ability to provide pre-configured solutions and follow equipment sales with excellent technical support. We are the only company outside of Caterpillar® itself that can communicate across Cat® Data Link, and we make the process of protocol conversion much simpler for our customers. A CDL Gateway™ is an asset to any Caterpillar® engine monitoring system.

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We developed the CDL Gateway™ in 2008 because Caterpillar® decided to discontinue the CCM Module.  We decided to incorporate that CCM Module into our device while creating a simple, effective and efficient way to handle CAT® engine monitoring. This Gateway communicates over CAT® Data Link without the need for additional modules or drivers. It supports all operational, performance and maintenance parameters and has complete fault code support including text descriptions. These features, backed up by Monico’s extensive knowledge of Caterpillar® equipment and our best in class technical support makes our CDL Gateways™ unbeatable for Caterpillar® engine monitoring.

There are currently over 550 parameters offered through the CDL Gateway™ that are available in most industrial and marine engines as well as generator sets and mining equipment. Compatible engines and controllers include the 3400 and 3500 series diesel engines, G3500 and G3600 series gas engines, C-Series ACERT engines and EMCP II and EMCP 3 Generator Control Panels. If you have special parameters that need to be monitored we can quickly and easily add them to our Gateway.

Our competitors tend to provide components that require extensive setup and field visits for installation. The CDL Gateway™, on the other hand, polls at a rate of 20 to 60 parameters per second, is not limited to any number of parameters, and requires little to no set up. Any qualified technician with basic computer skills can get the Gateways up and running.

The convenient USB user interface allows each customer to configure the ports and assign device addresses and IP addresses. Installing a USB driver on a computer in the office or in the field and plugging into the USB port causes the user interface to appear and provides a clear view of each port and the configuration parameters. The user interface also shows you exactly which parameters are responding on your particular installation and the raw value in that parameter.

The PLUS version of our CDL Gateway retains all the communications and industrial protocol converter capabilities of the CDL Gateway™ Basic version, while adding many valuable IP related features including real-time data logging, Mail Server, Sync Server, Time Manager, and Color Touchscreen Virtual HMI. These features serve to increase the value of your Caterpillar® equipment by adding remote monitoring features that would cost much more through other monitoring options.

The CDL Gateway™ has had great success in the oil and gas industry, maritime vessels, and in power generation. In all instances, the gateways have saved thousands of dollars in programming and hardware costs to our clients.


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