Oil and Gas Solutions

Overhead photo of an offshore drilling rig




  • Gateway pushes engine data to the compressor controller and reads compressor data from the controller
  • Provides a unified interface with the SCADA system for both engine and compressor information
  • Real time data logging for in-depth analysis used in preventive maintenance and catastrophic failure prevention
  • Monitor engine and compressor pressures, temperatures and faults
  • Virtual HMI for instantaneous data over LAN including complete fault code support
  • Capture data on engine activity and faults
  • Email/SMS notification on alarms and shutdowns
  • Perform freeze frame diagnostics with data logger
  • Reduce equipment failure through proactive intervention and preventive measures
  • Use collected data to improve asset management
  • Monitor unmanned stations to reduce unnecessary travel


  • Track fuel consumption on each engine to develop fuel economy strategies
  • Examine electrical efficiency of a rig, reduce rig blackouts
  • Virtual HMI for instantaneous data over LAN, including complete fault code support
  • Monitor engine hours for scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Virtual HMI can be set up for each engine
  • Email/SMS notifications on alarms and shutdowns
  • Events and diagnostics


  • Provide control inputs for speed control and gear changes
  • Provide all engine and transmission data to a system control PLC
  • Virtual HMI for instantaneous data over LAN