Remote Equipment Monitoring

Remote Equipment Monitoring

The mining industry is complex and requires a diverse, sophisticated range of machinery and equipment.  Capital expenditures are high requiring close attention to the utilization and productivity of mine equipment in order to maximize capital efficiency.  Whether it’s monitoring brake heat temperatures or monitoring engine data to ensure equipment is running at peak performance, everything that affects the operations and cost to maintain equipment needs to be considered.

A growing sector of our business comes from the mining industry- specifically relating to mine haul trucks, wheel loaders, and dozers. The trucks are expensive (approximately $3M - $5M US dollars) to acquire, operate and maintain, which makes it critically important to monitor and manage every nuance of their operation.

Most mining operations have management plans and software systems for managing production, maintaining and servicing equipment, and providing safe mine operations.  However, there is an evolution happening in industrial environments such as mining.  Technology innovation is bringing things such as Machine Learning, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to these industries with the promise of higher production, lower operating costs, improved performance, optimized operations and more.  In order to take advantage of this technology evolution, you need access to data.  Data generated by your machines and equipment can provide useful business intelligence.  For example, having the engine on a large dump truck tell you that it’s losing compression on a cylinder or that the engine might be trending towards a failure in some aspect. Giving the management and service teams time to prepare for down time rather than letting the machine force it on them.

Monico works with our customers help navigate through these often confusing, complex technologies and provide the tools and subject matter expertise to begin leveraging the benefits that can be derived from the application of them.

Monico provides solutions to help our customers:

Acquire Data   live streaming data from engines, equipment and machines 
Convert Data   read and translate protocols and formats to the required protocols 
Transmit Data   putting data into other systems (HMIs, PLCs, SCADA, IIOT) 
Analyze Data   Development of edge (on the machines) and cloud & visual analytics 
Visualize Data   Browser Dashboard(s) for end users to visually see and interact with data in a useable format 
Monetize Data   Working with customers and our Subject Matter Experts to determine how and what data is valuable to their organizations needs

Which can lead to improvements in:

Performance • Productivity • Utilization • Safety • Operations

With a Monico Remote Monitoring Solution, you can put real time streaming data to work for you and increase your awareness of your equipment’s performance, utilization, productivity and more.  Monico provides the bridge between machines and operational efficiency gains that advance notifications & alerts, edge and cloud analytics and visualization of data and trending can provide. With Monico’s mCore®SDR and MonicoLive™ we help our customers turn real time streaming data into useful information.

mCore®SDR for Mine Asset Data Acquisition

The mining industry has been using Monico Gateways to provide streaming raw data from critical equipment for years. Now with mCore®SDR, the gateway is more rugged, faster, waterproof, dustproof and provides the ability to connect that data stream to Industrial IoT Solutions and Mine Monitoring Systems. Designed with heavy machinery in mind, the chassis is specifically suited for the harsh environments of mines, quarries, and construction sites. It is IP67/IP66 certified, Class I Div. II Haz Loc Approved, vibration and shock tested up to 25G and is backed up by our skilled technical support staff.

mCore®SDR is equipped with a CDL (Cat® Data Link) port and two CAN ports (e.g., J1939), allowing it to interface directly with all the various ECMs on mining equipment as effectively as OEM products such as ProductLink™ and VIMS®, but providing real time streaming data at a fraction of the cost. Monico offers the high-quality data you expect from an OEM, but with the flexibility and innovation you’d expect from a custom provider, alongside the quality and support you’ve come to expect from Monico. We communicate directly with third party or aftermarket hardware, allowing custom machine and data integration designed to meet your fleet monitoring needs. With available support for the most modern data analytics systems.

Monico provides the bridge between equipment/machines and operational efficiency gains that analytics can provide.  Monico works with our customers to utilize live streaming data to provide business intelligence and awareness of equipment performance, utilization, productivity and more.

Our Gateways are pre-configured to work for your needs, to collect data from equipment and interface with other monitoring equipment to assist in an overall mine monitoring system. Within the proper interface structure, events and diagnostics can be sent to predetermined locations so that your mine’s control system is alerted to possible shut downs or pending problems. An effective mine monitoring system can keep equipment functioning at high capacity through general health monitoring.

Don’t settle for partial data, data sent back to the manufacturer, or data you don’t need.

It’s Your Machine. Your Data. Your Way.™


» All Monico Gateways are PRECONFIGURED - ready to go
» Capture, Translate Protocols and Transmit data in real-time (including CAT® CDL and J1939)
» Sophisticated User Interface - View Live Data and Define/Access Data Logs with a browser
» Aggregate edge equipment for collecting data (i.e., consolidate gateways)
» Rugged Device - Industrially hardened 
» Connect to IIOT platforms with MQTT or OMF protocol support


MonicoLive™ for Remote Monitoring

MonicoLive™ is a hosted, web-based service used to provide secure, remote monitoring, data analytics, and data visualization solutions for critical assets. Users can monitor critical asset data from anywhere in the world from an internet enabled browser.  The MonicoLive™ Solution is a tool that aids in deriving business insights about your connected equipment through visualization of data, advance alerts & notifications, visual & cloud analytics, data trending and more. Additionally, machine data sent to MonicoLive™ data historian can be migrated into external systems or existing OSIsoft® PI Solutions.

If a customer does not have a remote equipment monitoring solution, Monico offers MonicoLive as a solution. MonicoLive™  is built on the OSIsoft® Pi data infrastructure used by many major mining companies. The MonicoLive™ Solution resides in the highly acclaimed Microsoft® Azure cloud and provides capabilities such as; data historian, data visualization, data analytics, and automatic notifications that are created and pre-configured by our Subject Matter Experts.

For those customers without an existing OSISoft® PI solution, that is leveraged for remote monitoring, MonicoLive™ provides a quick path to capturing value from equipment generated data. 

Example Remote Monitoring Solution for mCore®SDR to existing systems or MonicoLive™

mCore®SDR to MonicoLive™ Topology

Engine and industrial asset data is streamed in real-time using the mCore®SDR and then transmitted to either an existing OSIsoft® Pi Solution, other Control or Monitoring Systems (IIOT, SCADA, HMI, etc.), or MonicoLive™ Remote MonitoringSolution hosted in the Microsot® Azure Cloud.

» All Monico Solutions are PRECONFIGURED - ready to go, including gateways and dashboards
» Receive Alerts and Notifications on events
» Storage of Data for Trending and Analytics
» Readable Fault & Diagnostics Codes
» Subject Matter Expertise - development of Visualizations and Analytics

Preconfigured Solutions

Monico offers pre-configured and custom machine monitoring solutions that provide streaming equipment data and allow owners and operators the ability to integrate with their existing mine monitoring systems (often OSIsoft® PI) or use Monico’s remote monitoring web service, MonicoLive™

When Monico sells a gateway, we don’t just sell you a piece of hardware and let you figure out how to set it up, configure hardware and connect it.  We preconfigure the devices using an extensive library of data maps and work with you in determining how to physically wire and connect it to other sources.

For those that need to setup and install hardware (e.g., Systems Integrators), this can be a huge time savings and makes it as hassle free as possible to get equipment installed.  It can save a lot of time and reduce equipment preparation for connection to other systems when hardware comes preconfigured. It’s as close to ‘Plug and Play’ as we can provide.

Our gateways include:

Scaling of data
Enumerating data (ex. Looking up and providing meaningful description of fault codes)
State enumeration (including fault code and status (e.g., low priority, high priority))
Mapping of custom data tags
Fault Code Bit Maps (ex. Determine if fault is active) 
Quick to Onboard/Setup: Extensive libraries of prebuilt data mapping

Connecting the gateways

We also provide prebuilt wiring and harness kits for the various types of connections needed in mining whether it’s RS485 or Duetsch connections, Monico has got you covered.

MonicoLive Dashboard Configurations & Visualizations

When a customer chooses MonicoLive as their method of interacting with data from their machines, Monico works with them to define the screens or dashboard layout. That includes identifying what visualizations and arrangements make the best sense for them.  Items such as bar charts, tables, gauges, trend screens are prebuilt ready to start receiving valuable insights from the data.  End users can then create adhoc screens and save their own configurations.

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