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Monico's Gateways for Mine Monitoring Systems

Increase your machine intelligence and put your data to work for you. Monico offers pre-configured and custom machine monitoring solutions that collect equipment data and allow owners and operators to integrate with their existing mine monitoring system, or use Monico’s remote monitoring web service. Our product is equipped with a CDL (Cat Data Link) port and two J1939 ports, allowing it to interface directly with your machines as effectively as OEM products such as ProductLink™ and VIMS®, but at a fraction of the cost. Monico offers the high quality data you expect from an OEM, but with the flexibility and innovation you’d expect from a custom provider, alongside the quality and support you’ve come to expect from Monico. We communicate directly with third party or aftermarket hardware, allowing custom machine and data integration designed to meet your fleet needs. With available support for the most modern data analytics systems, Monico provides the bridge between machines and operational efficiency gains that analytics provide. Monico formats this information to fit your business needs, turning a flood of data into a stream of information.

Our next generation monitoring system is rugged, waterproof, and dustproof. Designed with heavy machinery in mind, the chassis is specifically suited for the harsh environments of mines, quarries, and construction sites. It is IP67 and Class I Div II certified, and is backed up by our skilled technical support staff.

Don’t settle for partial data, data sent back to the manufacturer, or data you don’t need. Your Machine. Your Data. Your Way. Mining has never been so customized.

The mining industry uses Monico Gateways to read data from the machine network, data log this information and sync with a remote network when in range. Capabilities such as data logging and events and diagnostics enhance the ability to asses overall equipment health. The mining industry is so large, and the capital expenditures are so high, that mine monitoring through remote access is the only way to maximize your capital efficiency.

Our Gateways, pre-configured to work for your needs, can collect data from equipment and interface with other monitoring equipment to assist in an overall mine monitoring system. We can also communicate with the machine network and relay collected data to an overall monitoring system. Within the proper interface structure, events and diagnostics can be sent to predetermined locations so that your mine’s control system is alerted to possible shut downs or pending problems. An effective mine monitoring system can keep equipment functioning at high capacity through general health monitoring.

Graphic image of the features and highlights of the Monico Gateway 

Mining Equipment Monitoring through Monico

Monico Gateways operate on the Cat Data Link or the J1939 Network and communicate with all of the various ECMs on these huge pieces of equipment. Many of these trucks can have 6 to 8 computers controlling the engine, transmission, brakes, and payload systems.

The features of our PLUS Gateways are used to provide immediate wireless access to real-time maintenance and performance data including complete Fault Code Support. In essence, our gateways provide remote access directly to the piece of equipment from any location on the network. Our Gateways can even send pre-determined email or text messages to maintenance and operations personnel when a condition of immediate importance is encountered. In fact, the Monico PLUS Gateways™ have the capability to program complicated algorithms for monitoring very specific circumstances. 

Mine Haul Equipment and Mining Control Systems

A growing sector of our business is coming from the mining industry- specifically where it relates to mine haul trucks. These trucks are so expensive to buy (approximately $5,000,000 US dollars) and operate that every nuance is monitored for maintenance savings and operational efficiency. Many mine operators have driver-simulators almost as sophisticated as airliner simulators where drivers can be trained to better operate the equipment.

While there are many companies that can remotely monitor trucks and other heavy equipment, many mine operators are turning to Monico for mine monitoring because we offer a pre-configured solution for this heavy equipment, making our Gateways very economical to install and operate. Since Monico Gateways have onboard data logging, you can use “Store and Forward” network topologies when not every square foot of a mine is covered in a wireless network.

Generally, our Gateways are installed in the cab and paired with wireless Ethernet transmitters. Data is collected and sent to the host data historian over wireless. In some cases, we also log all data points at requested frequencies up to once per second and store this data on Compact Flash cards in CSV format. When a wireless receiver is in range, these files are transferred to the host device.

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