Kohler Genset Monitoring


Kohler gensets are very common in the EPG market, and we often see them used in government facilities as backup power sources. These gensets communicate over Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU, and our Gateways allow for Kohler®’s line of industrial generators to be easily and effectively monitored for peak performance.


Kohler Page Highlights

We have our own Kohler® Dec3000 Generator on-site at our office for testing and backup power. The Kohler model 40REZG, 40KW generator with a Decision Maker 3000 Controller will provide the security of backup power in the case of power loss. But it is also used to run the web demo for a virtual HMI screen to demonstrate our capabilities to customers. One of the benefits of the Monico PLUS Gateway™ is the ability to access equipment remotely through Internet Explorer and monitor its activity in real-time from any location with internet access.