Cummins® Equipment Monitoring

Monico has developed versions of its Custom Protocol Gateway and J1939 Gateway specifically for Cummins® equipment. Through work on projects with Cummins® dealers to develop our capabilities related to Cummins® engines and gensets, the Monico Custom Protocol Converter (CPC Gateway) and J1939 Gateway have been equipped with the ability to monitor Cummins® equipment both through the Modlon gateway or directly with the controller on newer equipment where the Modlon gateway is no longer used. In both cases, the Monico Gateway can output many different protocols. 

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In the case of older engines and gensets, A CPC Gateway is attached to the Modlon gateway or native Modbus and a template, created by Monico’s programmers, is used to pull data from the Cummins® equipment. The data collected can be translated into one of multiple available protocols for use with PLC control systems or Building Automation Systems. The CPC Gateway has been used to translate engine data into Bacnet, Modbus, and Allen Bradley, but has the ability to communicate over many other available protocols. Because a Modlon gateway supports up to five engines, the CPC Gateway can collect and translate the data from all attached engines and deposit that data into one central database. In addition, the other ports built into the Gateway can collect data from Switchgear and other ancillary equipment.

For more recently built units, the Monico Gateway communicates directly with the PCC 1x, 2x or 3x controller through the 485 port. The Gateway reads Modbus RTU through the 232 port and then outputs in one of multiple industrial protocols. In this case, the Gateway can also collect data from ancillary equipment and deposit that data into a central database.

All of these capabilities come pre-configured for simple set up and use and can be customized using Moncio’s exclusive software, MoncioView II, which comes standard on every Gateway. Cummins® users are now offered the same simple, powerful solutions as CAT® users for remotely monitoring and controlling gensets and engines. The ability to predict, and prevent, downtime is now available to an entire new segment of the industrial engine market. 


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