Monico's broad-based position in the industrial market has given us the opportunity to work with most of the available protocols in the industrial marketplace. Below are explanations of how we can work with some of the most common protocols as well as an exhaustive list of those we have experience with.


Our goal is to offer innovative products and partnerships to our customers. If you don't see the protocol you are looking for, contact us and our support staff will help create a monitoring solution for your needs.


Allen Bradley PLC via Serial and Ethernet

Both the Gateway PLUS and Gateway Basic versions support direct communications with most model Allen Bradley PLC's. With ControlLogix and CompactLogix models, our Gateways act as a master over serial and/or Ethernet to push data to Controller Tags in the PLC. With PLC5, SLC and MicroLogix PLC's, the gateway acts as a DF1 Master over serial or Ethernet to push data directly to Integer, Bit, and Floating Point memory locations with very little setup in the PLC.


Each individual port can be independently configured, so we can talk to multiple types of PLC's with only one Gateway. With this capability, our customers do not have to invest in the ProSoft card to deal with Modbus only devices, which can save several thousands of dollars in hardware and programming time. Since each port can be setup independently, we can gather data from multiple devices, aggregate the data and push it into the PLC. In many cases, we will gather data from remote devices and push it to the PLC and then we will pull data from the PLC and aggregate it into a single Monitoring output.