EPA Reporting Option

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Monico’s PLUS Gateways can record fuel rate and total fuel consumption into a log file to make reporting run hours and fuel use on backup generators much simpler. 

Faster, Simpler Reporting

The EPA requires that total fuel consumption and run time be documented and reported in order for the owner to remain in compliance with its Tier 4 emission standard for off road diesel engines. In addition to EPA requirements, many local governing bodies require owners to prove usage to maintain a backup generator status. Not being in compliance with either entity results in hefty fines. To maintain compliance and backup genset status, owners are generally required to prove run time and fuel usage within a set period of time (often one year). If other requirements are necessary for a specific geographic location, Monico can most often adjust the report to meet customer needs.

Without Monico’s Gateway logging and saving this data automatically, an employee would need to stand in front of the genset during run time to manually record this data. By adding this feature to the long list of other benefits a Monico PLUS Gateway offers, genset owners can save both time and money maintaining their backup status.

EPA Tiers

Beginning in 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced emission standards for all off road diesel engines, including the high-horsepower diesel generators used for backup power at mission critical facilities such as hospitals, datacenters and financial institutions. The standards were released as tiers, with the first phase taking effect in 2011 and full TIER 4F compliance being required by January 2015.

The goal of all gensets being in compliance with TIER 4F is to decrease the exhaust emissions by 90 percent.

EPA and Local Compliance

To prove that their genset is in compliance with Tier 4F, owners must provide the data on each units run time and fuel usage. This means that while a genset is running, whether for testing, power shaving or emergency use, the run hours and fuel use must be reported.

Monico does this through its PLUS Gateways by automatically logging start time, stop time, elapsed time, percent load and fuel use each time a genset is used. That data is compiled into a report and sent by email or text to be saves and easily complied and submitted for compliance review.

In addition to helping assure compliance with the EPA and local governing authorities, using a Monico Gateway on a genset can help assure overall unit health, assist in preventative maintenance and prevent the failure of backup power when it’s needed most. Effective monitoring has benefits beyond just emissions compliance.