Engine Monitoring Gateway

Monico CPC Gateway

CPC Gateway

A flexible device supporting about 100 protocols used to collect information from a myriad of devices that use multiple protocols over multiple ports and put all the information in a common format.


More Than Just a Custom Protocol Converter

Our CPC Gateway™ is a custom protocol converter that works with a long list of protocols and devices to take any standard or proprietary protocol used in industrial communications and translate the data collected into a usable format for communication to maintenance or technical staff or for integration into an overall monitoring system. This genset and engine monitoring gateway can convert data messages, events and commands into the format that fits your needs.


Basic Features Benefits 2


With a list of features that includes user configurable port settings and addresses, modular jacks to prevent wiring errors, and the ability to support over 100 protocols, including well known names such as Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens, Modbus, BACnet, CANopen, Schneider, Ethernet IP and Honeywell, our custom protocol converter really does much more. It allows for a set-up that is simple and quick for any qualified technician with basic computer skills, and makes our engine monitoring Gateway stand out from its competitors through its flexibility, ease of use and capabilities.

CPC Gateway – Your Engine Monitoring Gateway

Monico’s Custom Protocol Gateway is an extremely flexible device with four to six physical ports which can communicate in up to nine protocols simultaneously. It supports an average of 100 protocols, with more being added on a regular basis, and can be used to collect information from a myriad of devices which use multiple protocols over multiple ports and then put all the information in a common, pre-configured data map. It can be used to connect Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, Siemens, and Schnieder PLC’s into one functional network as well as many other devices.

Available Ports:

  • RS-232 port via RJ-11 Jack
  • RS-485 via RJ-45 Jack (2-wire or 4-wire) 
  • Ethernet via RJ-45 Jack 
  • Serial Expansion Card with an additional RS-232 and RS-485 port 
  • Additional Ports via expansion cards such as a Caterpillar® Data Link, CANbus, ProfiBus, and DeviceNet 

Custom Protocol Converter

We named this product CPC, or Custom Protocol Converter, because of our ability to custom configure it to pull the protocol your equipment uses and convert the pulled data into the protocol you want outputted to your specific monitoring system. Whereas the CDL Gateway and J1939 Gateway communicate through the primary output of CDL or J1939, this Gateway can collect information from an input other than CDL or CAN bus.

Available Protocols & Compatible Devices:

AC Tech Adam Allen Bradley Alstom Automated Direct
BACnet Banner Beckhoff ADS CAN J1939 & CANOpen
Caterpillar® Data Link  Control Techniques 
Cruisair  CTC  Delta Computer  Devicenet  Dupline 
Ethernet IP  EZ Automation  Festco  FloCom  Garmin NMEA 0183 
GE Giddings 7 Lewis  HBM  Honeywell  IDEC 
IFM  IMO  Indramat  Intelligent Actuator  Ircon 
KEB  Keyence  King  Klockner Moeller  KollMorgan 400/600 
Koyo  Krohne  Lenze  Matsushita  Profibus 
Quicksilver  Red Lion Controls  Rexroth  Schneider  SEW 
Siemens  SSD Drives/Eurotherm  Telemechanique  Toshiba  Unitronics 
Yaskawa  Yokogawa