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CDL Gateway

A pre-configured solution that provides a customer communications interface to the Caterpillar® line of Industrial Engines and Generator Sets via different protocols and data maps.





CDL Gateway for Caterpillar® Engine and Genset Monitoring

The CDL Gateway™ is a simple solution for monitoring any Caterpillar® engine or genset. It is much more than just a protocol converter, it is a pre-configured solution that provides a customer communications interface to the Caterpillar® line of products by communicating directly over Cat Data Link, or CDL. This Gateway can be used to set up an efficient and effective CAT® monitoring system.

Features such as the availability of over 400 pre-configured registers, automatic engine detection and configuration, the pulling of parameters at a rate of approximately 20-60 parameters per second and a built-in USB user interface showing all available parameters on a specific installation make this Gateway an essential part of any Caterpillar® engine monitoring system.

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More about Caterpillar® Engine Monitoring

The CDL Gateway™ supports over a hundred different protocols, and has three host ports to choose from including two RS-232 ports, one RS-485 2-wire or 4-wire, and one Ethernet port. In addition, it can accommodate optional input/output modules that allow the user to input bearing temperatures, winding temperatures, fuel level and digital inputs from ancillary equipment. Analog digital outputs allow for remote start/stop on generators and provide analog signals to other control equipment to create a more complete Caterpillar® engine monitoring system to fit your needs.

The convenient USB user interface allows each customer to configure the ports and assign device addresses and IP addresses. Installing a USB driver on a computer in the office or in the field and plugging into the USB port causes the user interface to appear and provides a clear view of each port and the configuration parameters. The user interface also shows you exactly which parameters are responding on your particular installation and the raw value in that parameter.

The CDL Gateway™ currently offers 407 parameters that are available in many industrial engines, marine engines, and generator sets. If you have special parameters that need to be monitored we can easily add those to our Gateway’s capabilities.

Unlike competitive products, the CDL Gateway™ requires virtually no setup. It pre-configures all parameters with pre-assigned mapping allowing the integrator to know from the very start exactly how to program the host device before going into the field for installation. Since there is virtually no setup required, it can be installed and integrated in a matter of minutes.

The CDL Gateway™ is an incredibly flexible product. If your application needs different address assignments, different protocols, or you have different contollers on the network you need to aggregate into our registers, we can quickly and efficiently accommodate your needs using our free software, MonicoView.

Specifics for your CAT® Monitoring System

Temperature Ranges

  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 ºC
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30 to +70 ºC

Pre Configured Versions:

  • Allen Bradley
  • BACnet
  • GE Fanuc
  • Modbus
  • Omron
  • Siemens
  • SNMP

The CDL Gateway™ supports over a hundred different protocols and special parameters that need to be monitored can quickly and easily be added to complete your CAT® monitoring system.

Optional Input/Output Modules:

  • (8) Digital Inputs & (6) Digital Outputs
  • (8) Thermocouple Inputs-Any type
  • (6) RTD Inputs-100 ohm Platinum
  • (8) Analog Voltage Inputs - 0-10V
  • (8) Analog Current Inputs - 0-20 mA
  • (4) Analog Outputs - Voltage or Current

Compatible CAT® Engines and Gensets:

  • 3400
  • 3500
  • G3400
  • G3500
  • G3600
  • G3250
  • GCM34
  • ITSM
  • ICSM
  • EMCP II+