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NOx Gateway

NOx Gateway PLUS

A protocol converter that allows customers to integrate aftermarket NOx sensors with their SCADA or control system via many different protocols. Features include real-time data logging, Mail Server, Sync Server, Time Manager, and Virtual HMI Web Server.

Remote NOx Monitoring and More

The NOx Gateway PLUS™ adds the capabilities of real-time data logging, email alerts, virtual HMI capabilities and a custom HTML server to the benefits of the basic version.

As with the basic version, this gateway is designed to integrate an aftermarket NOx sensor into any SCADA or control system via a variety of protocols to make the integration of NOx emission monitoring into your overall monitoring system an easy step.

The Gateway is fully preconfigured to do away with time intensive field configuration, and set up can be done by most qualified technicians with basic computer skills. The only field setup required is for network specific items such as IP address or Drop number. The gateway has convenient removable terminal blocks for 24 VDC power input and NOx sensor input. A link light will confirm proper installation wiring and network traffic. Any minor field configuration modifications are done via our free software MonicoView II™.

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NOx Emissions Monitoring

A virtual color touch screen HMI for viewing live data and trends over Google Chrome and a custom HTML web server let you take the data collected through this gateway anywhere and access it from any location with internet access. As the landscape and requirements of emissions monitoring and reporting changes, this Gateway offers great flexibility for adaptation while helping get emissions data to your corporate system. It can also collect data locally for later reporting or analysis.

Some of the features that allow these capabilities are real-time data logging on 2GB Compact Flash memory, email alerts upon alarm with IP connection, a sync server to sync log files with a remote server, an FTP server to allow a remote FTP Client to manage log files, a USB Interface for programming, troubleshooting and live viewing, four additional input/output ports for gathering data from other devices and optional digital and analog I/O module for ancillary temperature and pressure signals such as catalyst bed monitoring. All units are C-UL approved for Class I Div II Groups A-D locations and adaptable with our CDL Gateways for monitoring the Caterpillar® NOx sensor.

Parameters Monitored:

  • NOx Concentration in ppm
  • O2 Percentage
  • Various troubleshooting and status parameters

Available Pre-Configured Versions:

  • Modbus over RS-232, RS-485, or Ethernet
  • Allen Bradley SLC and MicroLogix over DF1
  • Allen Bradley Ethernet IP for ControlLogix and CompactLogix
  • Siemens S5/S7 PLC
  • GE Fanuc PLC
  • Omron PLC
  • BACnet over serial and IP for Building Management System
  • SNMP for Data Center Management

Remote Emissions Monitoring

Nitrogen oxide gasses are considered dangerous by the EPA because of their contribution to a ground-level ozone layer and effects on the respiratory system. It began regulations surrounding NOx emissions in 1971, and now encourages continuous emissions monitoring to prevent the gasses produced from harming the environment. In 2013, the EPA issued a series of requirements for state and local agencies requiring NOx monitoring and is working to enact more regulations to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxide gasses in the air through the Clean Air Act and Acid Rain Program.