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CDL Gateway PLUS

A flexible device used to collect information from a myriad of devices that use multiple protocols over multiple ports and put all the information in a common format. Features include basic HMI screens over the internet, an SMTP Server, SMS Server, Sync Server and Time Manager.






CDL Gateway PLUS for Caterpillar® Remote Monitoring

Because of the wide range of uses of the equipment, many CAT® engines and generators are in remote locations and need the ability of a remote industrial protocol converter and industrial data logger. The CDL Gateway PLUS provides the ability to remotely monitor and control industrial engines, generators, compressors and other equipment from any location. The email server is programmable to send email and SMS alerts to notify personnel of warnings and shutdowns. In addition, data from other devices within your Caterpillar® remote monitoring system can be converted and recorded on the same data map or made accessible through many other protocols through available ports.

The CDL Gateway PLUS™ retains all the communications and industrial protocol converter capabilities of the CDL Gateway™ Basic version, while adding many valuable IP related features including real-time data logging, Mail Server, Sync Server, Time Manager, and Color Touchscreen Virtual HMI. These features serve to increase the value of your Caterpillar® equipment by adding remote monitoring features usually costing much more. 

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More than a Remote Industrial Protocol Converter and Industrial Data Logger

As stated above, the PLUS version of this Gateway takes basic version’s protocol conversion abilities much farther. The real-time industrial data logging feature has proven extremely valuable for troubleshooting tough problems that require continuous real-time data from the engine and connected equipment. The Gateway will accept up to a 2 GB Flash card that can store log files for 80 parameters every three seconds over approximately 200 days. These log files are stored in CSV formats for easy import into Microsoft Excel. The trend and historical data provided by this feature are extremely important for high value industrial equipment to provide high-fidelity troubleshooting history for accurate diagnostics. Even if you have a high bandwidth SCADA system, the on-board industrial data logger can serve as a critical backup in case of communications link failure.

More on Caterpillar® Remote Monitoring

The Virtual HMI Web Server allows remote access to your equipment with Google Chrome. The web pages can be custom built or you can use our pre-configured pages for basic data. Our free MonicoView™ software can be used to create your own custom pages or to modify and customize the factory default pages. All of these features combine to make the PLUS version of the CDL Gateway™ an excellent choice for Caterpillar® remote monitoring needs.

Commonly used industrial protocols such as Allen-Bradley, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP and  Siemens Omron and GE PLC memory maps are available as well and many other industrial protocols that are not as widely used.

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