Data Storage, Data Visualization and Cloud Analytics

MonicoLive™ is a web-based service that combines Monico expertise with customer expertise to provide equipment managers the ability to remotely monitor critical assets. MonicoLive™ includes pre-configured dashboards that provide immediate feedback as to overall health of connected equipment. Dashboards can be accessed from any internet enabled device with a web browser. The data infrastructure is built upon the OSIsoft® PI System that is used by over 250 of the fortune 500 companies. These companies invest millions of dollars to acquire, deploy, and manage OSI’s software system, but with MonicoLive™, Monico customers can leverage Monico’s expertise to quickly take advantage of equipment data and focus their resources on their core competencies.


MonicoLive ScreenShots

Monitor Machines

Live Stream Data from your Engines/Machines
Gain Valuable Insights on:

  • Equipment Performance
  • Operational Metrics
  • Utilization Metrics
  • Productivity Metrics

Historical Data Retention

  • Use historical data in Analytics
  • Useful for Diagnostics Review
  • Forensic Event Review


Identify trends, correlations and patterns in data to better understand what your connected equipment is doing and how it’s performing

Alerts & Notifications

  • Get notified when a condition is met
  • Receive Critical Alerts via email and text
  • Receive recommended Actions and Track Acknowledgments

Visualize Data

Excellent tool for diagnosing equipment

  • Leverage tools to display data how you want
    • Bar Charts, Line Graphs, Gauges, etc.
  • Useful to visualize relationships of data


Data is collected1 from critical assets (e.g., industrial engines) in the field using mCore®SDR and transmitted2 over ethernet connected cellular, satellite or local area wired network connection to the MonicoLive™ Solution, hosted in the Microsoft® Azure Cloud where the data is processed and stored3. End users can log into the MonicoLive™ Web Portal from any browser enabled device anywhere in the world and interact with the data through dashboards and screen visualizations4 of the data.


A pivotal and often overlooked component to remote monitoring is knowing what data means and knowing what data to watch, analyze and set alerts and notifications for. An added value to MonicoLive™ is the incorporation of Monico’s Subject Matter Experts in helping customers interpret5 the data and get the most out of MonicoLive™ by working with them to understand what their equipment is telling them by building and refining analytics, defining alerts & notifications6, and creating visual tools for understanding the data.


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