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MonicoLive™ is a web-based service used to provide secure, remote monitoring, data analytics, and data visualization solutions for critical assets. Users can monitor critical asset data from any internet access point.



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MonicoLive™ for Asset Intelligence

MonicoLive™ is powered by OSIsoft®'s Pi System, which is used by 262 of the Fortune 500. OSIsoft leads the marketplace for supplying business intelligence around assets, and we are proud to be partnered with them to overcome the challenge of providing secure asset intelligence and monitoring to our customers.


In addition to providing a comprehensible dashboard for asset data monitoring, MonicoLive can pinpoint significant events and provide useful information that contributed to, or happened in conjunction with, that event. Asset and machine data will be used in concurrence with metadata to allow subject matter experts to improve local analytics, reduce unscheduled downtime, and enhance asset performance and reliability. mCore™ SDR can be used to push some of the analytics back down to the equipment where it can provide Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ to the local control system.


MonicoLive is a continued investment in our vision of a never-ending pursuit to position Monico as the global leader and preferred supplier to end users and their integrators for industrial data acquisition, protocol conversion, data analysis, and custom monitoring solutions. MonicoLive is specifically designed to partner with our customers by offering an affordable IIoT remote monitoring solution for stranded or remote assets while improving edge analytics and asset performance. This is what we like to call Real Time Actionable Intelligence™.


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Doyle Taylor, President & CEO, on Monico/OSIsoft Partnership