Letter From the President:


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Dear Reader,


As we begin the second half of 2018, I want to say “Thank You” to all our valued customers.  Our continued growth and success over the past 14 years is because of each of you.  We appreciate your business!  Our commitment to supply simple and powerful monitoring solutions supported by the best people in the industry has not and will not change. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what we have been doing over the past several months.  To start, we have been listening to our customers describe specific challenges impacting their business.  This customer feedback led to our definition and development of three new products that we are launching in 2018. 


m3™, our Monico Mobile Messenger has actually been in production and field testing since 2017. This product was created as an OEM product targeting high-volume protocol translation applications with 50 parameters or less.  Successful installations include marine, generator-set upgrades, high-volume OEM mining and other mobile fleet applications. m3™ is designed translate Cat® Data Link, Modbus RTU, and S.A.E. J1939 protocols only and is very environmentally rugged with IP67/IP66 ratings and 8-32 VDC power supply suitable for stationary and mobile equipment


mCore® SDR is our next generation platform and new flagship product purpose-built for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a Security Data Router, Advanced Protocol Converter, and Edge Analytics Computer. The term IoT (Internet of Things) has become popular recently, but Monico has been providing devices to enable remote monitoring for over 14 years. However, the difference today is the move to the “Cloud” which introduces cyber security concerns that we address with mCore.  mCore was designed from the ground up to be a Cyber Security device for mobile and stationary applications with the computing power for data analytics at the edge of the network.  Housed in an impressive IP66/IP67, Class I Division 2 enclosure and an operating input voltage ranging from 8 to 48 VDC, mCore is designed for 21st century industrial IoT applications. 


mCore has been in production and field testing since 2017 and was most recently chosen as the preferred platform to run a physics-based Edge Analytics model for reciprocating compressors.  The introduction of version 1.0, including engine data links, will be in Q3/18. This version will be a basic data aggregator/protocol converter which will include Modbus RTU/TCP, S.A.E. J1939, Cat Data Link, OSI Message Format (OMF), and MQTT. The physical ports will include (1) CDL, (2) CANbus, (1) RS232, (1) RS485, and (2) Ethernet Ports (1 for LAN and 1 for an Edge Security Router). Many more protocols and features will be introduced over the rest of 2018 and beyond to make this new flagship even more powerful. We are targeting Ethernet IP protocol for communications with Allen Bradley PLC’s in Q4/18.


In 2018, Monico formed a strategic partnership with ACI Services who are experts at reciprocating compressors. ACI has several decades of expertise with these compressors and have invested heavily in creating a physics-based model for compressors. They needed a partner to provide a hardware platform at the edge to run their model and manage the required communications. Monico’s mCore SDR fit the application perfectly due to our expertise in industrial communications and groundbreaking edge computing power. Now, we are looking for additional partners that possess expertise that could be applied at the edge using our excess computing power and edge routing capabilities!


Another exciting announcement is our partnership with OSIsoft®. OSIsoft is the maker of Pi, which is the predominant Data Historian, Data Visualization, and Data Analytics software package in the world. The Pi Ecosphere is very large and Monico was recruited to help bring data from mobile and heavy industrial applications directly into Pi using a new protocol called OMF. Monico is one of a small number of partners that are working to help develop the specification and Monico is even more involved helping define the Cyber Security needs to take data directly to cloud-based Pi systems. With this OEM relationship, Monico will be one of the preferred connectors to gather data and push it to Pi systems whether on-premises or in the Cloud.


MonicoLive™ is our 3rd product release for 2018 and offers yet another critical piece of our (IIoT) Edge Analytics platform.  Hosted in the Azure Cloud and powered by OSIsoft's Pi System, MonicoLive is strategically designed to help us partner with our customers by creating increased value from data.  Its purpose is not just data visualization, but Data Analytics and Operational Intelligence targeting Optimized Efficiency and Condition-based Maintenance.  My vision is to use the extraordinary power of the cloud to develop mathematical models and relationships that result in real-time Condition Monitoring and Edge Analytics. To this end, we have hired our first Subject Matter Expert to accelerate the development of further Edge Analytics for reciprocating compressors and gas engines in addition to Cloud-based analytics for fleet-wide optimization and condition monitoring.


With all these pieces in place in 2018, we plan to be in a unique position to use local edge analytics combined with cloud analytics to provide extraordinary value to our customers. We look forward to continue working with our customers to supply effective solutions to real problems in a way that meets their specific needs.  If you would like to schedule time to meet with us, please contact me at .  We would love to speak with you about your future projects or monitoring needs.




Doyle Taylor