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Monico Mobile Messenger

m3 is designed for high volume applications requiring consistent data parameter protocol translation between CDL (CAT® Data Link) and S.A.E. J1939 or Modbus RTU. The unit is purposefully built in an environmentally sealed IP66/IP67 enclosure and designed for industrial, mobile, and off-road applications that only require a small number of parameters. The semi-transparent housing provides clear visibility to LED indicating lights configured to provide positive confirmation of power, connectivity, and data transmit/data receive.

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m3Monico Mobile Messenger™ for Industrial Protocol Translation

The Monico Mobile Messenger, or m3™, is an OEM-oriented product that is preconfigured at the factory and perfect for high volume, repetitive industrial applications where only a small number of parameters are needed. m3 standard data map includes up to 50 parameters (if available) and can translate Modbus RTU over RS485, CDL over CAT® Data Link, and S.A.E. J1939 over CANbus. With the ability to communicate over proprietary CAT Data Link and convert this information into S.A.E. J1939, m3 can be used for many applications to interface thousands of CAT engines and generator sets to more modern control and monitoring solutions in the industrial mobile, marine, off-road, and construction markets.


m3 is easy to mount and was specifically designed for rugged service in heavy industrial applications and mobile equipment. This device is environmentally sealed to protect against dust ingress, high volume water spray, and immersion in up to 1 meter of water (IP66 & IP67). Operating temperatures for this device are between - 40ºC and 70ºC. m3’s IP66/67 enclosure, vibration-resistant design, and wide thermal environment design make it a great choice for mobile machinery while maintaining visible LED’s for communication and power confirmation.

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