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We use Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ to give our customers an edge in the condition monitoring arena. Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ refers to our ability to combine local data acquisition with on-board data analytics to provide an enhanced condition monitoring for the industrial market.

By collecting, analyzing, storing and trending equipment data we create intelligence that can not only alert users to the need for immediate action, but also answer questions about future performance. In a field that currently has a shortage of experienced technicians, this allows for less people to accomplish more. This is the best of condition monitoring- averting problem in real time and preventing issues in the future while saving on manpower.

mCore®SDR is Monico’s Flagship Next Generation data acquisition platform for IIoT, remote monitoring, telematics applications, and edge analytics.

Designed for:

  • Industrial IoT connectivity (support for OMF and MQTT)
    • Acquire and integrate industrial asset data into OSIsoft® PI
    • Acquire and integrate industrial asset data into IIoT Solutions via MQTT
  • Industrial Cybersecurity
  • Data Buffering of OMF and MQTT
  • Rugged Package for harsh environments
  • Maximum Computing Power, Speed, and Efficiency


  • Industrial Protocol Translation
  • Secure Edge Data Collection/Transmission
  • Increased confidence of data capture integrity
  • Edge Analytics Processing Power


Additional Information on the mCore®SDR:

mCore®SDR Product Brochure Download the Product Brochure
mCore®SDR Introduction Watch this Video Introduction
mCore®SDR Specifications View Detailed Specifications


The mCore®SDR User Interface is a suite of tools hosted on the device

It provides a way for end users to interact with the device:

  • Setup
    • Protocols
    • Firewall
    • Define Data Tags
    • Configure Web Server
    • Data Logs
  • View live data
  • Manage Password Access
  • Extract Data Logs
  • Manage System Functions

Access the User Interface from any computer with an ethernet connections to the mCore®SDR; no software installation required.

Please Note: Most mCore®SDR are delivered preconfigured so there isn’t much need to do any configurations but the capability is available


Key Points:

  • Acquire real time streaming data from industrial assets (engines, gensets, compressors, etc.)
    • Including Caterpillar® Data Link (CDL) Protocol Support
    • Including S.A.E J1939 (CDL) Protocol Support
  • Support for data integration with Industrial IoT (via MQTT)
  • Simple Integration with existing OSIsoft® PI Data Infrastructure
    • PI Archive Data Tag Assignments taken care of for you
    • Creation of Asset Framework (AF) Elements
  • Onboard Data Buffering of OMF and MQTT data
  • Consistency of data across different pieces of similar equipment
  • Multiple input sources with one device - (2) CAN ports, (1) CDL, (2) Ethernet, (1) RS232, (1) RS485
  • Rugged Device (IP 66 and IP67 rated / Class I Div II certified)
  • Highly Secure (leverages SSL/TLS, data encryption and security certificates)



  • New source of information from industrial assets not currently being monitored
  • Minimal equipment needed
    • No need for multiple protocol convertors or rugged laptops for data collection
  • No programming or configuration required (preconfigured)
  • Data Buffering ensures reliable capture of data over inconsistent networks
    • Important for Analytics, AI, ML applications based on data
  • Production: Increased visibility of equipment productivity
  • Operations: Added visibility of operating parameters
    • Useful for Remote Condition Monitoring to improve:
      • Service/Maintenance, Reliability and Uptime
  • Ability to run analytics on Operations and Production data from connected asset


The best part, all of our mCore®SDR are shipped preconfigured

Meaning that there is very little setup required to get data flowing from your industrial assets. Monico provides the expertise and an extensive history of working knowledge to configure the gateway to the specific asset that it’s connected to and maps all the data tags. As close to "Plug and Play" as possible. Simply connect power to the mCore®SDR and a source of internet access and data will begin flowing.


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Monico, Inc. is not associated with or sponsored by Caterpillar® or Caterpillar® subsidiary Perkins.
Cat® and Caterpillar® are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Inc.

  • Protocol Support
    • CDL® (CAT Data Link®)
      • Advanced CDL Driver for Automatic
      • Improved Network Recognition and Network Efficiency
    • S.A.E. J1939
    • CANopen
    • Siemens DINbus
    • Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
    • Allen Bradley Controller Tags
    • OSI OMF, MQTT (SparkPlug B)
  • Security:
    • High Assurance Boot
    • Support for Bi-Directional Authentication
    • Hardware Encryption of data
    • SSL/TLS Encryption Sockets
    • Full Featured Enterprise Level Firewall
    • Jail Separated Web Server
    • HTTPS Secure Web Server User Interface
    • Secure Encryption Key Storage Location
  • IIOT Enabled:
    • Utilizes OSIsoft®’s PI Connector Technology
    • MQTT for Secure SCADA Exception-Based Reporting
    • Onboard Data Buffering (to ensure data fidelity)
  • LED Indicators for Power and Communication Confirmation
  • Data and Storage Capacity:
    • Onboard Customer Data Logging
    • 2GB of RAM Memory and 4GB of Onboard Non-Volatile Storage
    • Factory Optional MicroSD Card
  • Processing Power:
    • Quad Core 800 MHz Processors with 5 Math Coprocessor
  • Compact Footprint: (L)4¼” x (W)3” x (H)5¼”
  • Mounting Options:
    • DIN Rail or Optional Bulkhead Mount
  • Power Protection:
    • Reverse Polarity Protected 8 - 48V Power Supply
  • Environmental Ratings:
    • IP66/IP67 Enclosure – Water and Dust Resistance
    • Class I, Division II Certification - Haz. Loc. Approved
      • Groups A-D, Surface Temp T5A
    • Operating Environment: -40° to +70°C (for 8-28 VDC)
    • 2-200 Hz 5G Vibration Resistance
    • 25G Shock Resistance
  • Supported Industrial Datalinks:
    • (1) CAT® Data Link Port
    • (2) CANbus Ports
    • (1) RS232 Serial Port
    • (1) RS485 Serial Port
    • (2) Ethernet Ports
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