mCore® Secure Data Router

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mCore® SDR

mCore was purpose-built for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a Security Data Router, Advanced Protocol Converter, and an Edge Analytics Computer. With multiple layers of cybersecurity, a rugged environmentally-sealed enclosure including a wide temperature range, and a quad-core processor, mCore is ready for the next generation of industrial IoT applications.


mCore SDR for Advanced Protocol Translation

mCore Vision

mCore is Monico’s Next Generation platform for remote monitoring, telematics applications, and edge analytics. The vision for this device incorporates three original design goals: (1) industrial cybersecurity, (2) a rugged package for mobile equipment, and (3) maximum computing power, speed, and efficiency. These design goals are fundamental core values in the current and future development of mCore that make it equally fit for on-premises closed Industrial Control System networks and future applications to leverage the tremendous potential of cloud computing.


Cybersecurity:  mCore was designed with an in-depth defense approach to cybersecurity and contains multiple layers of device security to minimize the attack profile. From processor selection, High Assurance Boot (HAB), serialized X.509 certificates, and hardware encryption, this flagship device was built from the ground up with the number one objective of meeting the challenges of today’s industrial IoT applications. Click here to learn more about mCore’s security features.


Ruggedness:  For mCore to be an ideal solution in heavy industrial mobile applications, it was necessary to incorporate a wide temperature range and the capability to survive in high-vibration and high-shock environments. These capabilities allow mCore to operate successfully on mobile equipment and other heavy industrial applications. More details on environmental specifications are listed under Phase I Features.


Computing Power:  mCore was designed with the goal of maximizing potential computing power to allow local data analytics to achieve Monico’s goal of Real-Time Actionable Intelligence™. To ensure the fulfillment of this goal, a Quad Core 1GHz processor was chosen for mCore. Each core contains one NEON™ math coprocessor with the ability to perform 1.8 billion floating point calculations per second, which combines for a total processing power of approximately 7 billion calculations per second. Finally, extreme computing power in a truly rugged industrial package!


mCore Features and Supported Datalinks

Part of mCore’s overall vision is to have an ever-increasing and evolving list of capabilities to keep up with the needs of our customers. The first phase is complete and the second phase release is currently in the works, and subsequent phases are planned for the future. 


Phase I Features:


  • Protocol/Network Translation
    • CDL, S.A.E. J1939, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, OSI OMF, MQTT (SparkPlug B)
    • Advanced CDL Driver Providing:
      • Improved Network Efficiency
      • Improved Automatic Network Recognition
      • Improved Network Topology Mappingm
  • Data Logging
  • Environmental Rating Approvals for Industrial and Mobile Equipment Applications:
    • IP66/IP67 Enclosure – Water and Dust Resistance
    • -40° to +70°C (for 8-28 VDC)
    • -40° to +65°C (for 8-48 VDC)
    • 2-200 Hz 5G Vibration Resistance
    • 25G Shock Resistance
    • Class I, Division II Certification – Hazardous Location Approved
  • 2GB RAM Memory
  • 4GB Onboard Non-Volatile Storage
  • LED Indicators for Power and Communication Confirmation
  • DIN Rail or Optional Bulkhead Mount
  • 4¼” x 3” x 5¼” Dimensions
  • Factory Optional MicroSD Card
  • Basic Web Server User Interface
  • Supported Industrial Datalinks:
    • (2) CANbus Ports
    • (2) Ethernet Ports
    • (1) CAT® Data Link Port
    • (1) RS232 Serial Port
    • (1) RS485 Serial Port

Phase II Features (in addition to Phase I features):


  • Serialized x.509 Security Certificates for Bi-directional Authentication
  • SSL and TLS Encryption
  • Incorporation of Additional Protocols
    • Ethernet/IP, BACnet, SNMP, MQTT, and AMQT (more protocols will be added with subsequent releases of mCore)
  • Local Physics-based Condition Monitoring for Reciprocating Compressors
  • More Local Analytics Capabilities for Engine Condition Monitoring
  • Enterprise Level IP Router and Firewall
  • Enhanced Data Visualization via Internal Web Server
For more information on the mCoreSDR watch the below video at OSIsoft
David Krenek discusses the use of mCoreSDR and the utilization of the OMF protocol to get industrial data into OSIsoft Data Infrastructure

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mCore is a registered trademark of Monico Monitoring Inc.