Remote Annunciator Panel

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Programmable Remote Annunciator

The Programmable Remote Annunicator leverages the capabilities of a Gateway and syncs those capabilities with an HMI to create an annunciator panel.

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The Programmable Remote Annunciator – Monico’s Remote Annunciator Panel

The Programmable Remote Annunicator leverages the capabilities of the CDL Gateway™ and syncs those capabilities with an HMI to create an annunciator panel for Caterpillar® engines and gensets. The Programmable Remote Annunciator can also be used with a J1939 Gateway™ or Custom Protocol Converter to provide advanced annunciation on any industrial engine.

This product is a 6 inch touch screen specifically programmed to annunciate general events on industrial engines and can be used over Ethernet or Serial networks. The standard product shows events for the most commonly seen warnings and shutdowns. What makes this annunciator stand apart is the included HMI screen which can also be viewed remotely via a virtual HMI anywhere that internet access is present. The Programmable Remote Annunciator also includes quick reference to basic engine and generator data. When an event occurs, the associated “General Warning” or “General Shutdown” LED will illuminate. The user can then view the specific faults leading up to the event. This coupled with the basic engine or generator data provides a powerful solution for quickly determining annunciator needs


  • 6” Color TFT Touch Screen
  • Built-in Web Server
  • SMTP/SMS Mail Server
  • Real-time data logging via Compact Flash (2 GB Max)
  • Basic engine/generator data screen comes standard
  • Sync Server to sync logging data with remote server
  • Full-featured Touch Screen with complete custom graphics capability
  • Two RS-232 Ports; One RS-485 Port; One Ethernet Port that can communicate using four unique protocols simultaneously
  • Provides alarm/fault communication
  • Built in web server allows for remote viewing of activity and/or email notifications through existing Ethernet connection.

In addition to these benefits, optional I/O Modules lend to the capability to annunciate any digital input signal and provide an annunciated digital output. In addition, custom programming can provide a powerful solution for specific customer needs.

It’s difficult to pass along exactly what this product could do in various situations because of its incredible flexibility. The Programmable Remote Annunciator has almost inexhaustible possibilities.

Remote Annunciator Panels

A remote annunciator panel, as the name implies, is one that can be accessed away from the engine, genset or piece of equipment it is monitoring. The remote version allows users and operators to be made aware of problems without a constant, on-site presence. A good example is the wheel house of a ship where the annunciator panel may be set up to alert the captain and crew of problems without someone being in the ship’s engine room. 

The advantage of Monico’s Programmable Remote Annunciator is that it is interactive and not a stagnate device. It can be adjusted and customized as needed by adding additional workings, error messages and alerts to meet the user’s needs.