mGuard™ for Condition Monitoring

mGuard™ is a suite of smart applications specifically designed to run on a newly purchased or existing Monico PLUS™ Gateway.

Condition Monitoring Smart Apps

These mGuard “smart apps” offer end users valuable local and remote Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ by combining local data acquisition and on-board data analytics that present customers with operational recommendations and alerts based on real-time data analyzed in the local environment.  These smart apps are application specific and use the wealth of data our Gateways collect to provide valuable recommendations that optimize operational efficiency, improve asset reliability, reduce maintenance costs and help prevent catastrophic failure.

Condition Monitoring Benefits

  • Long-term analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Operation recommendations and alerts based on real data
  • Improve Operational efficiency
  • Boost asset reliability
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce downtime by scheduling maintenance
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Keep track of the health of equipment
  • Manage maintenance costs
  • Avoid outages

mGuard's Condition Monitoring Applications

The smart apps that Monico offers through its mGuard line are designed to offer users access to data that has been collected from their equipment and analyzed in a way that allows the user to take recommended action. The apps are also used to collect data over time and analyze the efficiency of equipment. These aps are designed to answer questions about the current and future performance of very specific aspects of industrial equipment. In other words, they are designed to assist in condition monitoring.

How Condition Monitoring Applications Work

Condition monitoring applications and condition monitoring software assist users of industrial equipment with monitoring specific parameters that effect the overall condition of machinery. Parameters such as specific lubrication rates, compressor cylinder temperatures and generator start times are aimed at long-term analysis that will help with the prevention of unscheduled downtime and catastrophic failure.

Condition monitoring takes a step past what is commonly referred to as ‘health monitoring’ (the condition of a piece of equipment in the current moment) and focuses on engaging in predicative analysis. Monitoring that extends to parameters beyond just run status, oil pressure and active shutdown codes allows a user to determine possible causes for shutdown within 24 to 48 hours and address issues before they arise. This level of condition monitoring can be used to manage maintenance costs and avoid weekend or night service outages by addressing issues before they occur.

Condition Monitoring Applications for Full Predictive Analysis

Full Predictive Analysis condition monitoring is where much if the industrial sectors want to go. It is a step above just predictive analysis and aimed at long-term analysis used to prevent unscheduled downtime and catastrophic failure. The goal is to build algorithms intended to catch long-term trends that identify failures that would occur within the next 7 to 30 days. With this level of analysis, long term and high- fidelity data is abler to foresee slight changes in equipment that may cause failure or shutdown.

Condition Monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance 

Condition Monitoring lends the ability for a company to utilize Condition Based Maintenance, meaning that equipment can be regularly monitored and the data from monitoring can be analyzed and used to schedule maintenance based on the age, use and condition of the equipment and not because the equipment has shut down. By identifying potential problems with equipment before they actually occur, maintenance time can be scheduled for slower work hours when machinery use isn’t as critical and can prevent parts from wearing our completely and breaking, causing damage to surrounding parts. In addition, it helps to schedule mechanic time which, as Michael Currie points out in his article about Asset Management, is becoming increasingly harder to come by.

What is Real Time Actionable Intelligence™?

Actionable Intelligence Icon

Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ refers to our ability to combine local data acquisition with on-board data analytics to provide an enhanced condition monitoring for the industrial market; condition monitoring with an ‘edge.’ By collecting, analyzing, storing and trending equipment data we create intelligence that can not only alert users to the need for immediate action, but also answer questions about future performance. In a field that currently has a shortage of experienced technicians, this allows for less people to accomplish more. This is the best of condition monitoring- averting problem in real time and preventing issues in the future while saving on manpower.