EMCP4 Upgrade KIT for full BMS and DCIM Integration

Monico has created a kit that allows users of gensets with the ADEM II engine control module (ECM) to communicate with an EMCP4 version generator set controller (GSC) without having to incur the major expense of upgrading to the ADEM IV. This solution lets customers take advantage of the simple install and set up process of our Gateways to seamlessly integrate a new EMCP 4 GSC with the existing ECM rather than also taking on the labor-intensive, and expensive, process of a manual ECM upgrade.

EMCP 4 Upgrade Flow Chart

Use a Caterpillar® EMCP4 Series GSC with an ADEM II Series ECM

Since Caterpillar® released its EMCP4 series of genset controllers in 2010, we have seen a number of our customers looking to upgrade their GSC to reap the benefits of the EMCP4’s graphics display, increased access to engine data, more versatile power output configurations, and paralleling controls. However, to upgrade the GSC, they would also be required to upgrade their ECM because an ADEM II cannot communicate with an EMCP4. The additional upgrade is a hefty undertaking with a significant price tag.

This led Monico’s engineering staff to research our Gateways’ ability to harness their communication capabilities and circumvent the need to upgrade the ADEM II as well. The solution they came up with is to use Monico Gateways to collect data from the ADEM II, translate that data into the protocol needed by the EMCP4, and then send that translated data to the EMCP4 for output and integration into an overall monitoring system.

•  Provides available ADEM II CDL engine information to the EMCP4.x Controller via CAN link ensuring both operational and display functionality
•  Provides scaled and enumerated CDL engine information to the BMS
•  Provides scaled and enumerated GSC electrical information to the BMS
•  Provides CDL and GSC diagnostic codes to the BMS in raw and bit level annunciated format
•  Pre-configured for BMS output to standard protocols include Ethernet Modbus TCP, Allen Bradley ControlLogix, BACnet and SNMP
•  No need to upgrade to 4.3 or 4.4 to get TCP interface

A Simpler EMCP4 Upgrade

This upgrade method takes the Caterpillar® Data Link (CDL) input from an ADEM II engine controller and outputs that data as SAE J1939, the communication protocol used by EMCP IV genset controllers. This allows the EMCP4.x to display complete engine data and for that data to be fully integrated into an overall Building Management System (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system through five pre-configured protocols. The Gateways automatically detect the genset and engine controllers and begin communication over Ethernet via Modbus TCP, Allen Bradley ControlLogix, BACnet or SNMP.

We’ve also had some customers save the cost difference between an EMCP4.2 and EMCP4.3 model when upgrading their panel, because the Monico J1939 Gateway has Modbus TCP capabilitie