CCM Translator for the Caterpillar® CCM Module

The Monico CCM Translator is a legacy product that was discontinued in 2008 due to Caterpillar® discontinuing the CCM Module in 2007. In addition to the discontinuing of the CAT® CCM Module, both the software and hardware for the CCM translator are rapidly approaching end of life. 

CAT® CCM Module

The CAT® CCM Module, or Customer Communication Module, was Caterpillar®’s standard communication interface for many years. It was how you communicated between a genset controller or engine control modulae and the host device you were using.

Monico’s CCM Translator was the only product of its kind specifically designed to provide CAT® engine data in the Modbus Protocol. The product enjoyed extraordinary success due to its ease of set up and lack of need for extensive programming. The success of the CCM Translator with the Caterpillar® CCM Module, in part, led to the development of the CDL Gateway™.

CCM Translator Replacement

When CAT® discontinued the CAT® CCM Module in 2007, Monico knew that its customers would need assistance communicating over CAT® Data Link. As a replacement for both the CCM Module and Monico CCM Translator, we developed the CDL Gateway™ line of products. The CDL Gateway™ is a far superior product both in ease of use and productivity. Monico offers the CDL Gateway™ in versions that are specifically programmed to be drop-in replacements for the CCM Translators.

The CDL Gateway™ is a simple solution for monitoring any Caterpillar® engine or genset. It is much more than just a protocol converter, it is a pre-configured solution that provides a customer communications interface to the Caterpillar® line of products by communicating directly over Cat Data Link, or CDL.

Features such as the availability of over 400 pre-configured registers, automatic engine detection and configuration, the pulling of parameters at a rate of approximately 20-60 parameters per second and a built-in USB user interface showing all available parameters on a specific installation make this Gateway an essential part of any Caterpillar® engine monitoring system.

Please read more about our CDL Gateway™ products through the link below and contact our sales staff to discuss your specific needs.

CDL Gateway™
CDL Gateway™ PLUS