EMCP 3 and 4 Gateway

EMCP3/4 Gateway

EMCP3/4 Gateway

A pre-configured solution that gathers data from the CAT® EMCP 3 and 4 series of diesel generators and places the values in contiguous registers. 



EMCP 3 and 4 Series Gateway for Caterpillar® Generator Monitoring

This product is a Gateway that has been designed for diesel generator monitoring specifically in the Caterpillar® EMCP3 and 4 series of diesel generators. With this series of diesel generators, the primary link between the Generator Set Controller (GSC) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) is an S.A.E. J1939 link and not Cat® Data Link as is the case with Caterpillar®’s other products.

To provide monitoring for these gensets, Monico has developed the EMCP 3/4 Gateway™ which is pre-configured to gather data from the genset and place the values in contiguous registers for remote monitoring. Monico can provide not only operational data such as engine parameters and electrical data, but also DM1 Active Diagnostic Codes and DM2 Inactive Diagnostic Codes. The development of this series of Gateways allows for effective Caterpillar® generator monitoring in this line of gensets.

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An EMCP3/4 Diesel Generator Monitoring Gateway

The EMCP3/4 Gateway™ provides a way for users to integrate their genset into a diesel generator monitoring system of their choosing. Monico can simply provide the data collected directly to the user, or it can take the data collected and integrate it into an overall monitoring system. The ability to distribute the data in a variety of ways makes this Gateway a very flexible device.

Gateways come pre-configured to map 148 common data parameters and 180 flags, and Monico’s free software, MoncioView II™, allows for settings and adjustments to be made in the field if needed. The Gateways require 24 VDC power, are din-rail mounted for easy installation and set up is plug and play in most cases for a qualified technician with basic computer skills.

Monico’s Gateways support multiple engine ECMs, and there are many protocols available for output to any industrial device. The Gateway can act as a Modbus RTU or TCP Slave, BACnet slave, or act as a master to push data to Allen Bradley, GE Fanuc, and Siemens PLC's. Available add on modules allow for digital I/O, thermocouple inputs, RTD inputs, analog output modules and analog input modules.

These above mentioned DM1 Active Diagnostic Codes and DM2 Inactive Diagnostic Codes allow for repair technicians to have advance notice of the diagnostic codes so that they are more likely to have the parts necessary for a repair and complete any needed repairs more quickly, saving valuable operating hours.

Diesel Generator Monitoring Systems

The EMCP3/4 Gateway™ supports over a hundred different protocols, and has three host ports to choose from including two RS-232 ports, one RS-485 2-wire or 4-wire, and one Ethernet port. In addition, it can accommodate optional input/output modules that allow the user to input bearing temperatures, winding temperatures, fuel level and digital inputs from ancillary equipment. Analog digital outputs allow for remote start/stop on generators and provide analog signals to other control equipment.

The convenient USB user interface allows each customer to configure the ports and assign device addresses and IP addresses. Installing a USB driver on a computer in the office or in the field and plugging into the USB port causes the user interface to appear and provides a clear view of each port and the configuration parameters. The user interface also shows you exactly which parameters are responding on your particular installation and the raw value in that parameter.

These features, combined with ease of use, make this Gateway an asset for any Diesel Generator Monitoring System.