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J1939 Gateway PLUS

Pre-configured and simple to modify product that converts any standard or proprietary PGN into about 80 protocols over four usable ports. Features include real-time data logging, Mail Server, Sync Server, Time Manager, and Virtual HMI Web Server

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J1939 Gateway™ PLUS for a J1939 Data Logger and CAN bus Data Logger

The J1939 Gateway™ PLUS is a “Plug & Play” data concentrator, protocol converter, J1939 data logger and CAN bus data logger. It can be pre-configured for your application so that all you have to do is install the unit and begin communication. If customization is needed in the field, you can use our free MonicoView II™ software to change port settings, adjust mapping, add field devices, and incorporate other protocols.

The J1939 Gateway PLUS™ has the same powerful features found in the J1939 Gateway™ with the addition of several key upgrades. With this version, you can take advantage of upgraded features such as remote monitoring via the Virtual HMI Web Server, SMTP and SMS mail servers, real-time data logging, ftp server to retrieve data log files, and a sync server to automatically sync log files with an IP connected computer.

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Beyond a J1939 Data Logger and Remote CAN Protocol Converter

There is no better product than the J1939 Gateway PLUS™ for communicating over SAE J1939 and CANbus. Monico’s engineers and technical support specialists have spent extensive time working with customers in need of a remote CAN protocol converter, SAE J1939 communication, a J1939 data logger or can bus data logger, overall engine or genset monitoring and help integrating equipment into an overall monitoring system. We have worked in every industrial market and have a wide range of experience, so we are able to adapt our product to your specific needs.

The knowledge and expertise of the Monico staff, along with our top-notch post purchase support, is what makes our product stand out. The efforts we make to assure that our J1939 Gateway™ line of products will work for your application is what makes our products continually succeed in the marketplace. Our knowledge and hands-on experience with SAE J1939, CAN bus, industrial communications and the engine or generator brand you have on site will assure that this product works for you.

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