Press Release: mCore® empowered by eRCM Express™


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Monico and ACI Services Release Next Generation, Compressor-Based Monitoring Platform

SPRING, TX. June 25, 2018 – Monico Monitoring, Inc., together with ACI Services, today announced the official release of their collaborative product, mCore® SDR empowered by eRCM Express™. mCore® SDR is Monico’s next generation platform for secure remote monitoring and telematics applications. The first iteration of mCore is a rugged, environmentally-sealed network communication package that houses ACI Services’ field-proven eRCM™ reciprocating compressor modeling technology.

The eRCM™ technology is a physics-based model that provides compressor performance and safety advisor outputs that are critical to safely and efficiently controlling the compressor. This model utilizes the computing power of mCore® to provide real-time recommendations that will increase safety and efficiency, improve capacity, reduce costs, and decrease the downtime of operating compressors.  Housing this technology inside of the industrially-hardened mCore® SDR package is revolutionary to the compressor technology industry.

Product Details:

mCore® SDR Package –

  • IP66/67 Rated Enclosure for Water and Dust Resistance
  • -40° to +70°C (for 8-28 VDC) ; -40° to +65°C (for 8-48 VDC)
  • 2-200 Hz 5G Vibration Resistance ; 25G Shock Resistance
  • Class I, Division II Certification – Hazardous Location Approved
  • Protocol and Network Conversion

eRCM™ Technology –

  • Predicts safe compressor performance across unit’s full operating map
  • Provides OEM-compatible modeling for single and multi-stage units
  • Provides safety and performance predictions including:
    • Rod Loads, Pin Reversals, Crank Forces, etc.
    • Ideal Load Step, Next Step Up, Next Step Down
    • Dynamic ranges for safely adjusting Suction Pressure and Speed during operations
  • Provides useful data for real-time condition monitoring of compressor

About Monico:

Monico Monitoring, Inc. specializes in data aggregation, protocol conversion, network communication, and edge analytics gateways pre-configured for specific applications in local and remote monitoring solutions. They are recognized worldwide for their expertise integrating high horsepower industrial engines and connected equipment into overall monitoring systems while providing superior technical assistance across the industrial marketplace. For more information, visit or email .

About ACI Services:

ACI Services, Inc. started in 1960 as Yorde Machine Products. Since then, ACI has grown and maintained its reputation for excellence in compressor performance and cylinder design. Today, ACI has developed a vast network of alliance partners and a comprehensive portfolio of compressor problem solutions. This empowers ACI with a superior ability to create total integrated solutions, while maintaining competitive pricing.  For more information, visit or email .