Press Release: m3™


Monico Monitoring, Inc.                                                                                        for Immediate Release: 01/23/18     

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Monico Releases New Device for Higher Volume Applications and CDL to J1939 Protocol Translation

SPRING, TX. – January 23, 2018 – Monico Monitoring, Inc., the provider of preconfigured solutions for protocol conversion, data acquisition, and remote monitoring communication, today announced the release of their highly anticipated Monico Mobile Messenger™ (m3™). Monico is recognized worldwide for their expertise in integrating industrial engines and other critical assets into overall monitoring systems. m3 is Monico’s latest product that utilized their expertise in these areas.

The Perfect Solution for OEMs

“We had requests from customers that only needed to monitor a limited number of parameters, and found that our legacy products have many more capabilities than they actually needed,” said Doyle Taylor, President & CEO of Monico. “We noticed there was a gap in the market for a limited capacity product like they wanted, and that was when we got the idea for the Monico Mobile Messenger.”

The focus for m3 is an OEM-oriented solution for high-volume applications. This device is preconfigured at the factory and has the ability to communicate over proprietary CAT® Data Link and convert this information into S.A.E. J1939 or Modbus RTU. With a limit of 50 parameters, m3 is the perfect economic solution for customers who only need a small number of parameters monitored.

The IP66/IP67 rating also makes m3 an ideal solution for mobile equipment. The device’s design is capable of withstanding the rugged conditions on mobile equipment and is rated to endure a variety of tempestuous environments. m3 is vibration-resistant and can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, all while maintaining visible LED indicator lights for communication and power confirmation. The industrial mobile, marine, and off-road industries have yet to see anything like the Monico Mobile Messenger.


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