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Industrial Process Control

Monico works across the industrial markets to integrate critical assets into control and monitoring systems. We specialize in data acquisition and data logging, remote monitoring, protocol conversion and remote monitoring communications. Our Gateways act as an industrial protocol converter, converting data collected in one protocol into a different industrial protocol for output. This allows you to pull information from engines, gensets and other supporting equipment and incorporate all data collected into your overall monitoring systems. This allows you to do much more than just basic industrial machine monitoring.

Our experience reaches across the oil and gas, marine, electric power generation and mining markets as well as specializing in communication with the industry’s top engine and generator manufacturers. We have technical support specialists and sales engineers who focus on each of these markets and can help you pinpoint your specific needs and be sure you have the Monico product to fit your requirements. We offer multiple pre-configured solutions or can work on a custom configuration for your location. And we follow equipment sales with top-notch customer support, assuring that you have the best solution on the market for industrial engine and generator monitoring.

Select your industrial manufacturer to see detailed information on how we serve your market as well as guidance for the best product for your needs.


Monico has long been a market leader for the monitoring and control of Caterpillar® equipment due to its ability to communicate over CAT® Data Link. 

  • Only company outside of Caterpillar® with the ability to communicate across CAT® Data Link
  • No additional modules or drivers required
  • Complete fault code support including text descriptions
  • CDL Gateway™ acts as an industrial protocol converter, translating CAT® Data Link into other industrial protocols such as ModBus, Allen Bradley, GE, etc
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Monico has developed versions of its Custom Protocol Gateway and J1939 Gateway specifically for Cummins® equipment. 

  • Extremely flexible
  • Communicate in up to 9 protocols simultaneously
  • Supports about 100 protocols
  • Support both the ModLon Gateway and Modbus RTU
  • Information is collected and stored into a combined data map
  • Collect data from switchgear and other ancillary equipment for a complete industrial process control and monitoring solution
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Monico Gateways gather data from the generator and place values in continuous registers. Provide data directly to the user, or integrate it into an overall monitoring system.

  • Gensets can be monitored both remotely and on-site
  • Communicate over Modbus RTU
  • Ability to monitor multiple gensets with one Gateway
  • Compatible with H100, G-Panel, PM-DCP and PM-SC panels
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John Deere® manufactures a smaller line of diesel engines common in the agricultural and recreational marine markets and are also used for some small construction machines. We have worked on a few projects involving these engines and interfaced using our CAN card. With the capabilities of Monico’s Gateways, John Deere® equipment can be monitored both remotely and on-site and integrated into an overall monitoring network. 

  • Communication is high-speed and very fault tolerant.
  • Can convert any standard or proprietary PGN into about 80 protocols over four usable ports for effective industrial process control
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We have our own Kohler® Dec3000 Generator on-site at our office for testing and backup power. Kohler gensets are very common in the EPG market, and we often see them used in government facilities as backup power sources. These gensets communicate over Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU, and our Gateways allow for Kohler®’s line of industrial generators to be easily and effectively monitored for peak performance. 

  • Gensets can be monitored both remotely and on-site
  • Integrate generator data into an overall monitoring network
  • Communication is high-speed and very fault tolerant
  • Can convert any standard or proprietary PGN into about 80 protocols over four usable ports
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MTU is a core brand of Rolls Royce Power Systems AC and is a leading provider of engines to the yachting industry as well as across the marine market. MTU engines boast uncompromising reliability. MTU’s engines are generally used for main propulsion and power supply and offer the company’s customers low fuel costs and environmental stewardship alongside a reputation for consistent and dependable service. MTU® engines are also often considered as candidates for repowering machines. They communicate over J1939 and their genset controllers use either Adec, Ddec or Mdec- all of which Monico has worked with. If a proprietary protocol is used, the SAM module is employed.

  • Ability to communicate over J1939 with Adec, Ddec, and Mdec
  • Sam Module used for proprietary protocols
  • Collect the MTU EIM 290 faults and statuses along with other engine data
  • Broadcast collected data over Ethernet (Modbus TCP, Siemens S7, Allen Bradley ControlLogix and GE SRTP) or Modbus RTU via RS232 and RS485
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