Industrial Equipment Manufacturers 

Monico has the ability to communicate with the industry's top engine and generator manufacturers. Specialized configurations come pre-loaded on Gateways for easy set-up, and we provide top-notch post purchase support.

Data acquisition, protocol conversion and remote monitoring communications are available for the following manufacturers. Select your manufacturer and receive detailed information on the best product for your needs. 


  • Ability to communicate across CAT® Data Link
  • No additional modules or drivers required
  • Support all operational, performance and maintenance parameters
  • Complete fault code support including text descriptions
  • Best in class technical support
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  • Extremely flexible
  • Communicate in up to 9 protocols simultaneously
  • Supports about 100 protocols
  • Support both the ModLon Gateway and Modbus RTU
  • Information is collected and stored into a combined data map
  • Collect data from switchgear and other ancillary equipment
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  • Monitor gensets both remotely and on-site
  • Communicate over Modbus RTU
  • Ability to monitor multiple gensets with one Monico Gateway
  • Compatible with H100, G-Panel, PM-DCP and PM-SC panels
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  • Communication is high-speed and very fault tolerant. 
  • Can convert any standard or proprietary PGN into about 80 protocols over four usable ports.
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  • Gensets can be monitored both remotely and on-site
  • Integrate generator data into an overall monitoring network
  • Communication is high-speed and very fault tolerant
  • Can convert any standard or proprietary PGN into about 80 protocols over four usable ports
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  • Ability to communicate over J1939 with Adec, Ddec, and Mdec
  • Sam Module used for proprietary protocols
  • Collect the MTU EIM 290 faults and statuses along with other engine data
  • Broadcast collected data over Ethernet (Modbus TCP, Siemens S7, Allen Bradley ControlLogix and GE SRTP) or Modbus RTU via RS232 and RS485

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