MTU® Engine Monitoring

MTU is a core brand of Rolls Royce Power Systems AC and is a leading provider of engines to the yachting industry as well as across the marine market. MTU engines boast uncompromising reliability.

MTU's engines are generally used for main propulsion and power supply and offer the company’s customers low fuel costs and environmental stewardship alongside a reputation for consistent and dependable service. But as with all industrial engines, true reliability comes through engine monitoring.

MTU engines are often considered as candidates for repowering machines. They communicate over J1939 and their genset controllers use either Adec, Ddec or Mdec- all of which Monico has worked with. If a proprietary protocol is used, the SAM module is employed.  

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An MTU Engine Monitoring & Control System

The MTU engine interface module (EIM) is mounted directly on the engine and interface with the EIM is over CANbus. The EIM is essential in an MTU engine monitoring system because it is the central interface between the engine control system (ECS) and the automation system. All communication in an MTU engine monitoring system between the local operating panel and the control system is through Ethernet.

Monico Gateways for an MTU Engine Monitoring System

Monico Gateways can collect the almost 290 faults and statuses in MTU’s EIM along with other engine data and broadcast that over four Ethernet protocols (ModBus TCP, Siemens S7, Allen Bradley ControlLogix and GE SRTP) as well as Modbus RTU via RS232 and RS485. This, combined with the ability to provide data to a third party device, makes Monico’s MTU engine monitoring solution far more versatile than any other on the market.

Without a Monico Gateway, a ship’s control system would need to use multiple devices to collect engine data and translate that into the proper protocol. But with Monico, that can all be done with one pre-configured, easy to install device.


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