Generac® Equipment Monitoring


Generac® was the first manufacturer to produce affordable backup generators for residential use, and has grown into a leading provider of backup power for the Electric Power Generation (EPG) industrial market. EPG users of Generac gensets include data centers and hospitals along with other mission critical businesses. For these users, loss of power is debilitating, so assuring that backup power sources are running properly and ready for operation is a must.

The employment of effective monitoring products on gensets allows for full integration into an overall facility monitoring system, most commonly called Building Management Systems (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems.

Generac HMI Pages 
Monitoring Specifics for Generac® Gensets

Monico Gateways come pre-configured and our free software, MoncioView II™, allows for settings and adjustments to be made in the field if needed. The Gateways require 24 VDC power, are din-rail mounted for easy installation and setup is plug and play for a qualified technician with basic computer skills. 

Compatible Controllers: 

 For PM-DCP, Gateways can be configured for multiple paralleling gensets, stand-alone transfer switch and bi-fuel engine

G-Panel Controller and PM-SC Panel Paralleling for Generac® Monitoring


One customer with three Generac® gensets equipped with G-Panel controllers and a PowerManager™ System Controller (PM-SC) panel for paralleling utilizes one Monico Gateway to connect directly to the PM-SC panel and gather information for each generator as well as the PM-SC panel. The Gateway provides the data to our customer via SNMP, and the virtual HMI available through the Gateway allows for remote access to the data from any location with internet access. 

H100 Control Panel for Generac® Monitoring

Customers with Generac® generators equipped with H100 control panels on cell towers use Monico Gateways to retrieve data from the gensets. The Gateways provide the data to the customer vis SNMP and customers use the available virtual HMI to view data remotely and utilize control functions such as Start/Stop for weekly generator exercise.

enerac H100 Alarms

A Generac® Monitoring System

Monico Gateways gather data from the generator and place the values in contiguous registers. We can simply provide the data collected directly to the user, or we can take the data collected and integrate it into an overall monitoring system. The ability to distribute the data in a variety of ways makes this Gateway a very flexible device.

Features including a virtual HMI web server, SMTP and SMS mail servers, real-time data logging, ftp server and a sync server mean that building facility management and IT departments can receive data on their gensets from anywhere and make adjustments to operation as needed. The ftp server can retrieve data log files and the sync server will automatically sync log files with an IP connected computer. Full text descriptions for Diagnostic Codes are available.

The virtual HMI capability makes viewing live data simple through the use of the Google Chrome® Web Browser. Access is as simple as entering the correct IP Address. The web pages come pre-configured for basic data or can be custom built, and our free MonicoView II™ software can be used to create your own custom pages or to modify and customize the factory default pages.