Monico Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Monico Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Originally Posted 4/10/14

Monico, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years as a Leader in Industrial Communications.

Monico Inc. is marking its 10th year under the ownership of Doyle and Karen Taylor.

Monico specializes in the integration of critical industrial assets into control and monitoring systems, as well as data acquisition, protocol conversion and remote monitoring communications. This year, it will mark its 10th Anniversary as a company focused on offering innovative products and partnerships to its customers to provide monitoring solutions that maximize industrial equipment availability, reduce unscheduled downtime and help to prevent catastrophic failures. 

When Doyle and Karen Taylor purchased Monico in 2004 sales were flat. Over the course of the past 10 years, the Taylors have added 11 employees and launched the highly successful CDL Gateway™ line of products as well as four other products lines and multiple add-on solutions. The company has become a leader in remote monitoring solutions across the oil & gas, marine, electric power generation and mining markets. 

“We closed the first quarter of 2014 with a record month,” states Doyle Taylor, “proving to us that our products have staying power. And we are developing a new product that we expect to broaden our market even further.  We are incredibly proud of how this company has succeeded. We have a talented, hard-working staff that supports and stands behind our product and that has pushed us further than we hoped for 10 years ago.”

The Taylors attribute Monico’s success to an innovative, reliable product and top-notch customer support. They focus on continuing to grow and adapt the company’s capabilities to serve across the industrial market place and also at assuring that they have the best people possible on staff to assist customers in any way necessary.

Taylor adds, “To all of our customers, partners and employees I extend our thanks. We have customers that not only continue to use our products, but sing their praises.  We have suppliers and partners across the markets we serve that go out of their way to assist us with growth, development and improvements. And we have a staff that goes out of their way for our customers. All of these facets have made the past 10 years possible. Now we are working on new products and solutions for the coming 10 years!”


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Grand Junction, Colorado Utilizes Monico Gateways and NFPA110 Reporting Option

Grand Junction, Colorado Utilizes Monico Gateways and NFPA110 Reporting Option

Originally Posted 2/12/14

The City of Grand Junction, Colorado utilizes Monico’s Gateways at the Regional 911 Center, which serves as a link between the community and all law enforcement and fire departments in Mesa County. In this situation, the assurance of the functionality of backup power is paramount so that public safety services continue to operate in the event of standard power source failure.

Richard White, Network and Security Manager for the City of Grand Junction, is responsible for IT services at this facility and states that, “It is very Important to know the status of the generator.  We need to know that we can supply power in an emergency to make sure that building does not go down (due to lack of power). “

In addition to our Gateways, Richard uses a modified version of Monico’s NFPA 110 Reporting Option for generator capacity analysis. Using this option twice a year for a four hour facility load test, Richard is able to trend capacity for the City’s electrical backup systems, monitor capacity of the gensets and trend for planning and budgeting. The City’s testing is targeted for both especially hot and cold days to assess the functionality of backup power in extreme temperatures.

Monitoring backup power is a popular use of our Gateways across the industrial marketplace. As Richard illustrates, backup power is imperative for the operation of communities as well as businesses. Assuring that a power source is operational, well maintained and prepared is imperative to the safety of the public as well as a business’ bottom line.

Moncio PLUS Gateways have features such as real-time data logging, virtual HMI screens, alarms and alerts through a mail server, Network Time Protocol, and FTP Server, time manager and sync server and provide the ability to remotely monitor and control industrial engines, generators, compressors and other equipment.

Our NFPA 110 Reporting Option is an add-on software option for the PLUS line of Gateways that automates the testing of backup power. It is widely used in hospitals for the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) required monthly test, but can be used for automated testing on any genset.

We would like to extend our thanks to Richard White and the City of Grand Junction for helping us to showcase the capabilities of our Gateways as well as the necessity of accurate monitoring.

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Monico Inc Promotes Allen Walker to Vice President & General Manager

Originally Posted 12/4/13

Following another strong year for the company, President and CEO, Doyle Taylor, has promoted his Vice President of Sales, Allen Walker, to Vice President and General Manager of Monico Monitoring, Inc.


Walker (left) at the Mining Expo with Taylor

Taylor brought Walker on board in September of 2012 as Vice President of Sales to oversee the company’s ever-growing product sales and expanding sales staff, to utilize his business and management experience to bring more structure and drive to the company’s sales process and to grow international sales. After just one year in the position, Walker has exceeded expectations.

“Allen has allowed me to change my focus to strategy and product development while also shaping Monico into a more effectively functioning company,” states Taylor.

Taylor also says that Walker has demonstrated his ability to manage and lead the organization, and that this promotion frees him to continue to use his sales and management experience to expand Monico’s efficiency as well as to further grow sales.

Prior to joining Monico, Walker served as Vice President of Global Sales for PECOFacet and Managing Director of Facet Deutschland GmbH, both Clarcor Companies, and was also an officer of Perry Equipment Corporation.  He brought to Monico more than 25 years of experience in engineering, operations, sales and general management.

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