Monico, Inc and M2M Data's Partnership

Originally Posted 1/19/12

We’ve had a visitor in our office today; Scott King of M2M Data Corp. M2M is a strategic partner of Monico’s, and Scott has spent the past few hours with Steve and Doyle gleaning more information about Monico, our CDL Gatreways™, how we work with Caterpillar® engines, and how Monico and M2M have combined forces to provide a high level of service for remote monitoring.

Monico has a very close partnership with M2M Data Corporation. M2M Data Corporation provides the service aspect of remote monitoring, similar to an ISP in home or work computers. However, their service goes much deeper. You’ll remember that Monico’s CDL Gateways and J1939 Gateways collect and record data from industrial and marine engines. Our specialty lies in highly reliable engine communications, specifically with Caterpillar® engines due to our achievement in “cracking the code” of CAT® engines and the exclusive ability to communicate with those engines. M2M partners with us to make that data more easily available to the end consumer.

M2M’s ace in the hole is their “push data” method. Most remote monitoring companies use a “poll method” because it is simpler and costs them less to maintain. In the poll method, the connection and communication to the engine is initiated by the server. The data company’s server will reach out and “poll” the engine as to its status. Unfortunately, this isn’t the most efficient method and causes low reliability. M2M embraces the push method in its business model, which means that the communication with the engine is initiated by the actual customer so data can be retrieved when it is needed and the correct data is gathered. The data collected by the customer is not only exactly what is needed, but is also 100% time sensitive and up to date. This method brings high reliability and much higher customer satisfaction.

After M2M collects the data from Moncio’s hardware devices (our gateways), M2M crunches that data and makes it available to the customer in a variety of ways. At the most basic level, the customer is kept informed of the status of a device- whether it is up and running or down. But M2M can also send call outs via phone, sms or email to customers alerting them to problems and what the specific problems are, send field maintenance notices, and run IMA machine analysis. That information is then immediately available on the customer’s own website.

The knowledge of what is happening with engines and generators, their exact current status, what issues are arising, what specific problem needs to be repaired, and getting all of that information in a variety of ways allows a company to be more efficient and productive. All of this is accomplished through the partnership between Moncio, Inc and M2M Data Corporation.

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Weeks Marine Photos of Monico CDL Connection

Originally Posted 12/20/11

Weeks Marine is a customer we work closely with in the marine sector of our market. The sent us over a few photos we asked for, showing the 70-pin Deutsch connection where they tied it into the Cat Data Link on a Caterpillar® C18 Engine. There is also a photo of the enclosure where Weeks mounted the CDL Repeater. The Repeater was used because the Monico CDL Gateway is located in the boat’s control room.


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Wiring Diagram for Terminal Breakout Block

Originally Posted 12/13/11

I snagged this photo out of an email Steve sent to a client he is working on a Modbus TCP/IP marine program for. I like seeing anything that shows how Monico’s Gateways are set up and used, so I decided to share.


Doesn’t that look simple? It is! “Simple Solutions, Powerful Monitoring.”


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