Caterpillar® and Atmos Energy Monitoring Project Features CDL Gateway

Originally Posted 10/16/12

When Monico attended the GMRC Conference a few weeks ago, I attended a presentation given by one of my clients (ATMOS Energy) and Caterpillar® Global Petroleum on condition monitoring. The presentation was a comparison of two condition monitoring undertakings; one using the CAT® PL1000 and one using a Monico CDL Gateway. They used two separate compressor stations to test the separate condition monitoring systems they created.

At the first station, ATMOS Energy used an Allen Bradley CompactLogix 5332C PLC as the processor, CAT Data Link as the engine control network, and the PL1000E as the communication interface.



At the second station, a Monico CDL Gateway was used to move data into the proper registers. ATMOS lists the following reasons for choosing the CDL Gateway:

1. Communicates natively with the Allen-Bradley PLC via Ethernet. This eliminates the extra layer of Modbus translation which saves on installation cost, improves system reliability and reduces integration labor associated with data mapping.

2. It delivers data already scaled.

3. It has a smaller footprint and can be mounted with standard industry hardware.

4. It doesn’t require special service connectors – just a standard USB cable.

5. It is furnished with multiple status indicators which simplifies troubleshooting.


The presentation went on to outline data mapping, data transmission, finding exceptions, determining root cause (of exceptions), planning corrective action, and reporting data. It shows details of the data gathered and how it was used to create a better functioning, more efficient compressor station. As long time proponents of the benefits of condition monitoring, this was a presentation the Monico staff present truly enjoyed. I would encourage you to read the entire presentations for a full review of these benefits.

Read the full presentation here.

Download the CDL Gateway datasheet here.

-Steve, Technical Sales

Contact Steve: (281) 350-8751 x 3004 or

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Gas Compression Engine Monitoring and the GMRC

Gas Compression Engine Monitoring and the GMRC

Originally Posted 10/3/12

Monico has been at the Gas Machinery Research Council Conference this week.  While attending the courses and talking to visitors to our booth, it has become even more apparent the role that monitoring can play in the gas compression sector.

Compression engines comprise a large group of users for Monico’s Gateways because of their C-UL certification for C I D II environments. Gas compressors generally combine the compressor and the engine and use the vapors from the gas to cool the engine as it operated. With our Gateways and modules, users have the ability to monitor and record both the engine activity and the temperature levels- assuring that all parts of the gas compressor are operating efficiently.  With such a wide breadth of usage for gas compressors (pipeline transport, vapor-compression refrigeration, powering for various building processes, etc) we are finding our gateways used in a variety of places.

We have had our CDL Gateways and the NOx Emissions Gateway on display. Come by our booth today (we are next to CAT®)  or email for more information.

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Monico Hires New VP of Sales

Originally Posted 9/25/12

Former VP of Global Sales at PeECOFacet joins Monico Monitoring, Inc.

SPRING, TX, September 25, 2012 - Monico Monitoring, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has hired Allen Walker as its Vice President of Sales.

Prior to joining Monico, Walker served as Vice President of Global Sales for PECOFacet and Managing Director of Facet Deutschland GmbH; both Clarcor Companies, and was also an officer of Perry Equipment Corporation.  He brings to Monico more than 25 years of experience in engineering, operations, sales and general management.

“We have brought Allen in to oversee the exponential growth and development we are currently undergoing,” says Monico President and CEO, Doyle Taylor.

In 2011 Monico experienced a sixty percent growth in sales and is on track for another record year. Walker’s in-depth experience with sales, management and international business will be used to leverage the company’s current abilities and oversee further growth in sales, staff and remote monitoring capabilities.

“We have tasked Allen with the job of bringing in more structure and drive to our sales process and growing international sales,” says Taylor.

Within the next two weeks Walker will be attending both MINEExpo in Las Vegas, Nevada and the GMRC Conference in Austin, Texas. He will be working out of Monico’s Spring, Texas offices and can be reached by phone or email at (281) 350-8751 extension 3010 or

-Doyle, CEO

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