Monico Interfaces with mPONI for Project at John Wayne Airport

Originally Posted 11/27/12

Recently, Monico teamed up with Quinn Power Systems and Siemens for a monitoring project at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California.

Quinn Power Systems is a long-time user of Monico products and they had installed a Monico Gateway as part of the overall monitoring system they set up at the airport. They, along with Siemens, were using a Cutler Hammer Modbus PONI (mPONI) as a Modbus data interface to the onsite transfer switches, and we received a call for some trouble shooting help. Initially, they were receiving exception errors when the Monico Gateway attempted to collect data from the mPONI. In addition, some necessary status parameters were not shown as available in the standard documentation. This status information from the generators and public power sources are vital to the airport so that they can be prepared for notifications of a change in the power source.

After a few site visits and some research, we were able to determine that without sending precise data requests to the mPONI, receiving the needed data was impossible. Because we have extensive experience dealing with Modicon Modbus, we were able to resolve this through troubleshooting. However, we were still unable to solve the problem of the needed status parameters. A call to Cutler Hammer produced an addendum document to the mPONI user manuel, explaining the specific procedures for obtaining the necessary status information. This included process requests and specialized writes to the mPONI to keep the status continually updated. After several conversations and trial runs, we were able to successfully set up a monitoring system and interface the necessary requirements of the transfer switches. The John Wayne Airport now has full system integration via a Monico Gateway-BACnet version to a Siemens PLC.

All of the data and information we collected on how to set up and interface into the mPONI has been stored in a Monico internal knowledge document and we now have another monitoring ability to add to our resume: mPONI.

-Bruce, Product Development 

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Monico Awarded Aggie 100 for Third Year

Originally Posted 11/8/12

Monico, Inc. Ranks Among Top Revenue Growers for a Third Year


SPRING, TX, November 8, 2012 – Monico Inc. has again been bestowed the Aggie 100 award by the Texas A&M Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship, marking a third year of record growth.

Last month, Steve Ransom and Ashley Hamlin accepted an Aggie 100 award on behalf of Monico, Inc, recognizing the company as one of the fastest growing Aggie owned or managed companies worldwide. The award, meant to recognize business success through job creation, product acceptance and entrepreneurial vision, marks a third year of record growth for Monico.

The Aggie 100 Program was created by the Mays Business School’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship as a unique way for Texas A&M University to demonstrate its pride in the accomplishments of former students. At a luncheon on October 26th, the 100 Aggie-owned or managed companies with the highest compounded annual revenue growth were recognized at a formal luncheon on the Texas A&M University campus. President and CEO Doyle Taylor is from the Aggie class of ‘82, Vice President Karen Taylor from ’84, VP of Sales Allen Walker from ‘93 and Engineer Steve Ransom from ‘94.

When the Taylors purchased Monico, Inc. in 2004 the company’s sales were flat; their goal was to turn it into a company that provided reliable, fast and simple monitoring solutions for industrial engines. Since that purchase, the Taylors have lead Monico through eight new product launches, seven (and counting) new hires, and a three year compounded revenue growth of 38.68 percent.

“Monico’s foundation is set on ingenuity and customer service,” states Doyle Taylor, “we put our customers first and are always striving to push the boundaries of our capabilities. To be surrounded by so many other small businesses that are also doing so much, and to be recognized for our efforts by the Mays Business School, means a lot to us. This University was the starting point for both Karen and I, so to be included in this community of exceptional business owners is special to us.”

The Aggie 100 list is available in its entirety at, and Monico, Inc.’s product line and company information can be found at

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SCADA Systems by Chesapeake Energy

Originally Posted 11/2/12

There’s a great article in Chesapeake’s The Play about Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems and how Chesapeake uses them for remote operations in the Oil & Gas market. The article does a great job of explaining the uses and importance of collecting and using data to assure performance. One great statistic in the article states, “More than 12,000 Chesapeake-operated wells representing 97% of the company’s production are equipped with automated systems.”

We took a bit of extra interest in this article, because it happens that Chesapeake uses both Monico’s CDL Gateways and J1939 Gateways on a growing number of their sites. I encourage you to read the article below. It reinforces what Monico always upholds as a truth: motioning and data collection give you power over what occurs at your remote sites!

Chesapeake SCADA Article

Chesapeake’s The Play Winter 2012 Edition

-Ashley, Marketing

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