Another year of Record Growth - Aggie 100 2013

Another year of Record Growth - Aggie 100 2013

Originally Posted 10/29/13

We are so please to announce that Monico has again been awarded an Aggie 100!

Last week, Karen & Doyle accepted our fourth Aggie 100 award, recognizing Monico as one of the fastest growing Aggie owned or managed companies worldwide with a 41.38 percent compounded growth rate. The award recognizes business success through job creation, product acceptance and entrepreneurial vision as well as providing a forum for entrepreneurs to pass along guidance and advice to fellow business owners and students alike.

The Aggie 100 Program was created by the Mays Business School’s Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship as an outlet for Texas A&M University to demonstrate its pride in the accomplishments of former students. At a luncheon on October 25th, the 100 Aggie-owned or managed companies with the highest compounded annual revenue growth from 2010 to 2012 were recognized at a formal luncheon. President and CEO Doyle Taylor is from the Aggie class of ‘82, Vice President Karen Taylor from ’84, VP of Sales Allen Walker from ‘93 and Engineer Steve Ransom from ’94; all were present to accept the award on behalf of Monico.

In June, Monico announced the addition of its twelfth and thirteenth employees; two of five positions added over a one-year period. Since the Taylors’ purchase of the business in 2004, nine new product lines have been launched and the continued growth occurring within Monico is expected to continue to further the vision of becoming the global leader and preferred provider of industrial data acquisition, protocol conversion, data analysis, and custom monitoring solutions.

“At our core, Monico is about ingenuity and customer service,” says Doyle, “We put our customers first and are always striving to push the boundaries of our capabilities. To be acknowledged for our work, and associated with so many high-achieving companies, means a lot to us. Texas A&M and its legacy is held in high regard by both Karen and myself, so to be recognized as part of that legacy means a great deal.”

The Aggie 100 list is available in its entirety at, and Monico, Inc.’s product lines and company information can be found at

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Generators of Houston Provides our Kohler Genset to Run a Live Demo of Monico's Virtual HMI

Originally Posted 10/22/13

At Monico, we have become recognized as specialists in the integration of generators into end user control and monitoring systems. We serve multiple markets such as oil and gas,EPC, data centers, hospitals and, most recently, commercial buildings for the purposes of both primary and stand-by power. After years of working on engines and gensets worldwide, we recently took the step of purchasing our own generator and had it installed on site at our new offices in Spring, Texas.

The Kohler model 40REZG, 40KW generator with a Decision Maker 3000 Controller will provide the security of backup power in the case of power loss. But it will also be used to run the web demo for a virtual HMI screen to demonstrate our capabilities to customers. One of the benefits of the Monico PLUS Gateway™ is the ability to access equipment remotely through Internet Explorer and monitor its activity in real-time from any location with internet access.

After the choice to purchase a generator was made, the search for a dealer was short-lived. Following conversations with the leadership of Generators of Houston at EGSA conferences and a bit of follow up research, it was evident that their reputation for sales and service was exceptional.

Generators of Houston is a leader in sales, turn-key installs and service of both stand-by and prime power sources in the Houston area. In a market where utility power is quickly becoming a primary concern for businesses that have vital computer networks that require uninterrupted power, need a consistent source of power for food storage needs, or have work flow and manufacturing processes that cannot withstand the interruption of power; the company has established itself as a solid source of both knowledgeable sales and sound installation and service.


Monico's Kohler Genset

During the process of the install of our generator, we were able to work closely with the Generators of Houston staff, and the evidence of what could become a very complementary relationship emerged. Both companies focus closely on customer needs; Generators of Houston to provide the most effective power or backup power source and Monico to be sure the power sources are properly monitored. They can provide the best option for a customer and we can take the genset and integrate it into the customer’s control and monitoring network.

Our experience with the level of service at Generators of Houston was outstanding, and that type of customer service experience is something we also strive to offer. Going forward, we hope to partner further with them, adding the benefit of integrating the monitoring and control of their product lines into the end users’ overall monitoring systems.

Generators of Houston will be hosting an Open House at their facility in Houston on November 13th. We will be giving a presentation during the event, along with others such as Kohler/Loftin, Generac, Eaton and HM Cragg. We invite you to attend the event and meet their staff. If you’re interested, visit the Generators of Houston website.

-Ashley, Marketing

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Monico Offers Software Option to Assist Hospitals with NFPA110 and JCAHO Compliance

Originally Posted 2/7/13


Monico Monitoring, Inc. now offers the NFPA 110 Reporting Option to assist hospitals with reporting and compliance on emergency backup power equipment.

Monico now offers an add-on software option for its PLUS line of Gateways that automates the required National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) monthly test of hospitals’ backup power and also allows for simple Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) compliance.

The NFPA oversees the use of emergency backup power systems and a 110 classification states that an emergency backup power system is being maintained in safe operating condition. For a hospital to be in good standing with JCAHO, and therefore accredited, its backup power must be tested monthly for 30 minutes at 30 percent of the kilowatt rating or maintain the lowest exhaust gas temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Proof of this must be kept on hand, available at all times to JCAHO or the NFPA for compliance audits. Additionally, the NFPA 110 classification is necessary for many local and state inspections.

With the NFPA 110 Reporting Option, hospitals can run monthly tests and have automated reports generated and then emailed for simple  with JCAHO.  A defined set of data points are captured from the genset over a period of 30 minutes and percentage load is monitored to ensure the testing stays about the required 30 percent.

“Installing and using the software is simple,” states Bruce Eckley, Senior Product Development Specialist for Monico, “It is adaptable for generator type, rank and test type and comes pre-loaded on any of Monico’s PLUS Gateways. Assigning of a device IP address and the one-time report set up are easily done with the included MonicoView II™ software.”

While the tests are being run, live data can be viewed via a remote HMI screen from anywhere on the network. When the test is complete, a report is automatically generated and simply needs to be printed and initialed before submitting to JCAHO.

“This Module will relieve hospital support staff from the burden of standing in front of each genset, each month, for 30 minutes to record data. It can now be done remotely,” says Eckley.

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