SEO and B2B Marketing - Our Story

As you have hopefully noticed, we recently launched a new version of our website. Along with the redesign came the job of rewriting the content and working to make sure that the content we created was SEO friendly. As it turned out, this was not as easy to do as it appears at its face.


As we worked with the team of search engine experts at Colorado SEO Pros, we discovered that what Andrea Miller points out in her article How B2B Researchers are Searching Online rang very true: what we thought our customers were, or should be, searching for was not what they were actually starting their online searches with. 

Dealing with this revelation as it pertained to our content was not always a smooth process. We had to turn the tide of how we thought about our own products. We had to completely rethink our approach to presenting our products through our website. And we had to convince company management it would work. This took time, effort and at least five drafts of content before we were prepared to launch the website. 

But it worked.

Our organic traffic is up, with traffic to our biggest selling product up over 200%. We are seeing the ‘inner pages’ of our site replacing the home page in search results, meaning that we are driving our customers to the most relevant content for them rather than their having to click through our site to find the information they need. 




All of this is an ongoing process. We have crawls run on our site regularly and make efforts to fix issues that arrive as promptly as possible. We are watching which keywords are working as well as monitoring those that are not so that we can make adjustments as trends show themselves. And because the traffic to our website is a large driver of quote requests, and therefore sales, we have an outside consulting company that stays on top of our SEO optimization for us. They are vital to our efforts. 

But none of these things would have been possible without our being willing to take a closer look at how our customers were going to find us. We had to adjust our views on who was looking for our products, how much information they had before they began their search, and where the website fit into our sales process.  

To be successful with SEO, you have to be open to viewing your business differently. You have to realize that what you believe to be true about your customers and how they find you online may be separate from the reality of how they are searching. And you have to be prepared to be ever-changing and ever-adapting as not just Google and Bing change their practices, but customers change their search habits.  

- Ashley

Thanks to Sprout Content for the great article! Read Angela's full article here



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