Real Time Actionable Intelligence™


We have begun using the term 'Real Time Actionable Intelligence™' to refer to our ability to combine local data acquisition with on-board data analytic to provide an enhanced condition monitoring for the industrial market; condition monitoring with an ‘edge.’ By collecting, analyzing, storing and trending equipment data we create intelligence that can not only alert users to the need for immediate action, but also answer questions about future performance. In a field that currently has a shortage of experienced technicians, this allows for less people to accomplish more. This is the best of condition monitoring- averting problem in real time and preventing issues in the future while saving on manpower.

Condition Monitoring Smart Apps

Our line of mGuard “smart apps” use Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ to offer end users valuable local and remote data through the combination of local data acquisition and on-board data analytics that present them with operational recommendations and alerts based on real-time data analyzed in the local environment.  These smart apps are application specific and use the wealth of data our Gateways collect to provide valuable recommendations that optimize operational efficiency, improve asset reliability, reduce maintenance costs and help prevent catastrophic failure.

Review the LubeWatch page on our website today or contact for more information. 

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