Natural Gas - More Energy with Less Environmental Effects

Monico works within nearly every sector of the natural gas market - drilling and fracking, collection, storage, compression, pipeline and electric power generation. Over the past few years we have witnessed the growth of this market and the benefits of natural gas as a cleaner, cheaper form of energy. 


Each year we attend the Gas Processors Association (GPA) convention, Gas Machinery Roundtable Conference (GMRC) and the Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable (EGCR), listening to presentations and speaking with people from companies that operate throughout the natural gas life cycle. And we hear how the growth of the natural gas market is effecting expansion of new technologies, growth in local economies and the environment. And article in today's Houston Chronicle states that, "With little notice or fanfare in April, natural gas produced more electricity than any other fuel for the first time in U.S. history. Not coincidentally the administration announced this month that the U.S. power sector emitted less carbon dioxide than it has in 27 years."

Our newest line of products, mGuard, focuses solely on the condition monitoring of natural gas compressors. Meanwhile, our Gateways and HMIs have been used to collect data from engines, gensets and ancillary equipment for more than ten years to assist with preventative maintenance and integrating these assets into an overall monitoring system. 

Articles like Our New Energy 'Normal' and Texas Breaks Record for Natural Gas Consumption to Generate Electricity show what this industry has seen coming for a while now: natural gas as a source of electric power generation is going to change the energy market by providing a cheaper, cleaner way to produce electricity for this country's consumers. And we will all benefit.

- Ashley, Marketing 

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