Monico, Inc. Names First Distributor in PIC Appalachia

Monico Monitoring has authorized its first distributor in Power Ignition and Controls Appalachia (PICA). PICA will distribute and install Monico CDL Gateways and the mGuard™ line of smart applications for the compressors in the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions. 

“The Marcellus and Utica Shale plays offer a large market for LubeWatch, our compression lubrication monitoring product. Because PICA has a reputation in that region for exceptional engine and compressor control solutions, this partnership was a great fit for both companies,” says Monico GM Allen Walker. 

When Monico hired Kevin Christian in April of 2015, he brought with him a reputation for an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the natural gas upstream and midstream markets. It was that knowledge combined with his long-standing relationship with PICA that introduced the company to Monico products. 

mGuard LubeWatch is a smart app designed to provide continuous monitoring of a compressor’s divider block lubrication rates. Adding LubeWatch to a Monico PLUS Gateway™ provides both local and remote confirmation of reciprocating compressor lubrication rates. A local interface provides immediate feedback for pump adjustment while a remote alarm interface notifies the user when the lube rate is either over or under the current desired rate.

PICA GM Larry Guess notes, “It was a natural fit to partner with Monico.  As our customers continue to seek improved abilities in monitoring operational conditions in real time, the Monico product line addresses this need perfectly”. 

About PIC Appalachia

PIC Appalachia provides engine and compressor control products and solutions to the natural gas industry. The company offers products and services to help keep gas compression facilities up and running, optimize engine and compressor performance and comply with environmental regulations.

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