About Us

At Monico, we believe that our broad-based position in the industrial market gives us the opportunity to provide value to our customers by pulling from our strong knowledge base. Our products are uniquely qualified to provide valuable data and our employees have the specialized ability to help interpret and analyze that data. Because of that knowledge, our goal remains to offer the innovative products and partnerships needed to provide monitoring solutions that allow our customers to maximize equipment availability, reduce unscheduled downtime and help prevent catastrophic failures.

Actionable Intelligence IconWe use Real Time Actionable Intelligence™ to give out customers an edge in the condition monitoring arena. Real Time Actionable Intelligence refers to our ability to combine local data acquisition with on-board data analytics to provide an enhanced condition monitoring for the industrial market. By collecting, analyzing, storing and trending equipment data we create intelligence that can not only alert users to the need for immediate action, but also answer questions about future performance. In a field that currently has a shortage of experienced technicians, this allows for less people to accomplish more. This is the best of condition monitoring- averting problem in real time and preventing issues in the future while saving on manpower.

Monico is recognized worldwide for providing superior communications products and technical assistance across the industrial marketplace. We have long been a leader in CAT® equipment communication and monitoring due to our exclusive ability to communicate across CAT® Data Link and extensive experience with SAE J1939. In recent years we have expanded into the Cummins® market and also work with Kohler®, John Deere® and MTU® equipment.


Head shot photo of Doyle TaylorDoyle Taylor | President & CEO

Doyle is a professional sales engineer turned business owner with more than 30 years experience in controls and monitoring engineering, and is a graduate of the Texas A&M University College of Engineering. He specializes in industrial engine integration using many different public and private protocols over serial and Ethernet networks. Doyle worked with our hardware manufacturers and end-users to personally develop Monico's lines of industrial monitoring products.

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Head shot photo of  Karen TaylorKaren Taylor | Vice President

Karen is a graduate of the Texas A&M College of Business with a degree in Business Administration. In the infancy of the business, she worked hand-in-hand with Doyle to develop client relationships and put the products into the hands of the customers. She established all of the company's internal operational procedures and now oversees the business, accounting, human resources and operations divisions of Monico.

Head shot photo of Allen WalkerAllen Walker | Vice President & General Manager

Allen is also a graduate of the Texas A&M College of Engineering and has more than 25 years experience in engineering, operations, sales and general management. He oversees the company's sales activities, manages the sales staff and directs the company's initiatives in internal operations, business growth, sales development and international business. Allen's experience and management provide a high level of structure and efficiency to Monico's daily and long-term activities.